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Tantra Orgasm

Female Ejaculation For Better Health?

    By now you’ve probably read the latest articles touting the many health benefits of female orgasm.   According to recent science, orgasms boost the immune system, enhance productivity, increase social skills, and are a veritable “fountain of youth and beauty” for men and...
Semen Retention Magic

The Magical Power Of Semen Retention!

    We receive a lot of questions about semen retention for men. Many of these questions are regarding the methods for ejaculation control that we teach in our Lasting Longer for Men program. What most people don’t realize is that lasting longer, achieving...
Rockstar Tantrikas!

Welcome Our Most Recent Graduates!

    Welcome the class of 2014! Our newly certified, Tibetan Tantra Practitioners!     More from behind the scenes…..                                                ...

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Learn Tantra Online

Better Sex Through Meditation!

Can meditation improve your sex life? What is the connection between sex and mindfulness? Find...
Tantra Communication

Is Your G-spot Broken?

Do you know where your g-spot is? If so, do you sometimes experience a...
Female Ejaculation

Can All Women Ejaculate? The Secret To Female Ejaculation!

Can all women ejaculate, and if so, what’s the secret recipe for success? Devi...
Healing Blocks to Bliss

Healing Blocks to Bliss

Sexual trauma, emotional trauma, physical trauma can all block us from accessing our true...
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