Are you ready to embark on a journey of healing?


Let’s face it… sexuality is an area where we could all use a little help.


And no surprise considering the lack of comprehensive and accurate sex education we receive in our culture.


The thing about sex is… it’s about so much more than just S.E.X!


For many people sexual expression is about connection- to our selves and to our partners. And/or it’s about giving and receiving pleasure- physical, emotional, even spiritual.


Unfortunately due to the lack of pleasure oriented education in this culture we are left to our own devices when it comes to effectively giving, receiving and experiencing pleasure of any kind, particularly sexual pleasure.

Imagine if you could:


  • Freely and fearlessly acknowledge, embrace, and explore your sexuality with no guilt or shame.


  • Cultivate pleasure as a source of nourishment for body, mind and spirit.


  • Use sexual energy as a tool for healing, empowerment and personal growth.


  • Effortlessly access unlimited creative energy and inspiration.
Devi is a sexual educator with the gift of helping women to get in touch with the most sacred part of themselves. She has an incredible ability to make women feel safe as they explore their cultural programming about their bodies and their sexuality. Her teachings can help transform a woman’s relationship to her body and her sexuality. In addition, they can help transform a woman’s sexual relationship with a loved one. I applaud Devi for her work, her workshops, her book, and her courage to step out of the cultural norm and into a sacred healing path that can profoundly increase the quality of women’s lives.
Dr. Laurie Steelsmith N.D., L.Ac.
Co-author of Great Sex, Naturally and Natural Choices for Women’s Health

Welcome to Authentic Tantra!


Authentic Tantra is a sexual healing modality rooted in the Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teachings, which are woven into a holistic set of practices to create a powerful and effective modality for healing and life transformation.


These practices are designed to cut through the layers of wounding, ignorance and cultural conditioning- healing past mental, emotional and physical traumas, and allowing you to effortlessly access more pleasure, peace, joy and fearless self-expression in every area of your life- sexually and non sexually.


We have created a palette of offerings to support you in your own journey of healing, awakening, and reclaiming your birthright to shame free pleasure and orgasmic joy.


Just click on each imagine to view the full menu of our high quality Tantra classes, coaching, and online education programs for women, men, and couples.

Meet the Team!

Who We Are…


True healing requires love, connection and the support of your community. 


In the Tibetan Tradition this type of supportive community is called “Sangha”,  which means spiritual family.


Based on these simple principles the Authentic Tantra modality has grown to create a community of practitioners world wide who are committed to reuniting sexuality and spirituality in order to heal the collective wounding on this planet.


Our constant aim and purpose is to bring the teachings of Authentic Tantra out into the world with clarity, integrity, compassion, and power.

The content that Devi and Marthe create--videos, articles, blogs--is filled with so much; the useful knowledge, tools, care, realness and the joy they present them with have me excited and curious to learn more. I am so grateful that they are in the world sharing their gifts for us all to benefit from; their work is so desperately needed.

Jeff James Howard MA
Reichian Somatic Therapy for Adults and Couples