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Lasting Longer

Making love for hours is a matter of simple technique. Learn ways to build your sexual endurance and vitality. Retain your semen. And discover the place where bliss and emptiness meet in prolonged, non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Last Longer for your Lady

When you are able to make love for more than an hour, a change happens in your partner’s body. She becomes fully “warmed up” – open and available for more sexual pleasure, multiple orgasms and a whole new level of intimacy.

In other words, learning tantric technique pays off with your partner’s exhausted satisfaction.


Loving Her

Full, super-juicy sexual pleasure is your birthright. Peaceful, loving intimacy is your birthright! Mind-blowing, earth-shaking orgasms are also your birthright! Your body is built for them! If you’re having trouble feeling the full depth of all that sensual potential, Tibetan Tantra can help.

Healing Techniques for Her

The Tibetan Buddhist tradition has spent centuries studying the energy of sexual life – bliss, emotion, ecstasy – how its flow can be enhanced or blocked. Removing the blocks involves breathing, massage and meditation – and an attitude of patience and love. Our course is for helping you heal anything that holds you back in the smallest way from the full, juicy sensual possibility of being alive.


Tantra Essentials

Practicing Tibetan Tantra is an opportunity to experience much more intimacy and depth in sex. Which in itself is huge. But Tantra also opens out the possibility of becoming more alive, more present, more deeply connected with the everyday bliss of being.

Experiencing Deep Intimacy

Sex can be so much more than ordinary sensation. Tibetan Tantra offers ways to dissolve into a deeper union with your partner – breathing together, truly feeling each other. At the same time, tantra offers an approach to becoming far more intimate with the sensations of your own body, energy and stillness. Dissolved into all that intimacy, there’s space for sex to become truly sacred.