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What’s So Great About Orgasms?

If your experience of orgasm up to this point has been less than amazing, you may be wondering “what’s the big deal about orgasms?”

Unfortunately, when it comes to pleasure, most people are experiencing a mere fraction of their true potential. 

Along with delicious feelings of euphoria and bliss, here are 3 reasons you should be having deeply satisfying, soul enriching orgasms on a regular basis.

Reason #1: Your Health

image of Young-woman-at-crystal-healingThere are a TON of physiological health benefits associated with orgasm. Long lasting Tantric orgasms have been proven to; boost infection fighting cells by 20%, stimulate and increase secretions of the pineal and pituitary glands, revitalize the endocrine glands for more HGH, serotonin, DHEA, and testosterone production, and so much more!

And get this- DHEA is believed to improve brain function, balance the immune system, help maintain and repair tissue, promote healthy skin, and improve cardiovascular health. Wow!

Reason #2: Your Happiness Image of a romantic Couple in a picnic.

Sexual pleasure and orgasm are actually a “spiritual” experience, which can help us feel more peaceful, more balanced, and more “in tune” with life. The Tibetan Tantric Tradition teaches that every orgasm is literally a glimpse of enlightenment. In fact, Tibetan Tantric Teachings are some of the most ancient and authentic instructions for using human sexual pleasure to awaken and heal body, mind, and spirit.



Reason #3: Your Birthright

Vintage-Stylized-Photo-Of-BuncWomen are capable of over eleven different kinds of orgasm, and men over eight different kinds of orgasm. If your orgasm feels more like a genital sneeze than an epic explosion of ecstatic bliss, you are missing out. Plain and simple.

 – And you are not alone.-

Sadly, the most recent studies have shown that at least 70% of women are NOT having satisfying orgasms, and 90% of men ejaculate within the first 2–7 minutes of penetration, leaving both themselves and their partners sexually unsatisfied.

If orgasms are so incredible for us and our orgasmic potential is so vast, why are most people experiencing such a tiny portion of it?

What is the problem and is there a solution?

This Spring, master the tools you need to unlock the passion, pleasure, and orgasms you crave, with the NEW Tibetan Tantra: Sex As A Healing Art series, launching Spring 2016.

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