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These 3 Tantric secrets are easy, enjoyable, effective and best of all- can be applied both in and out of the bedroom to help you cultivate and maintain juicy enriching love and intimate connection.


The following is an excerpt from “3 Tantric Secrets for Extraordinary Sex”


“Luckily, traditional and modern Tantric practices offer many wonderful tools to deepen and cultivate connection with ourselves, and because we are not separate, with each other.


As we feed and nourish this sense of connection in our most intimate relationships, it will naturally begin to translate to other areas of our life, and many of our other relationships will blossom and grow as a result.


This book provides three Tantric secrets (or tools) for cultivating a deeply enriching and satisfying sense of connection with yourself and your partner.


Each section contains a solo practice for you to do on your own while reading. At the end of the book is a three part practice for you to do as a couple.


These three keys are some of the primary methods that we use ourselves to cultivate and maintain connection in our relationships, and they are some of the primary methods that we teach to our students and clients.


We share them with you here in the hopes that they will enrich and enhance your life in a meaningful way.”

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