What Is Tantra?

Traditional Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice which originated in India several thousand years ago.

Tantra is best understood as a form of Yogic practice which includes sexual and non-sexual teachings designed to transform human consciousness, remove the veils of ignorance and realize ‘enlightenment’.

Traditional Tibetan Tantra began with the Buddha Shakyamuni nearly 2,600 years ago, and was practiced and refined in the mountains of Tibet for over 1,200 years.

Traditional Tibetan Tantra defines the word ‘Tantra’ as ‘the practice of weaving light and sound with form.’

By this definition the body represents form, light represents specific visualizations, and sound is represented by chanting mantric syllables.

The process of weaving light and sound with form gives rise to a profound transformation of human consciousness, and ultimately, the full realization of enlightenment – which simply means ‘freedom from suffering’.

These ‘weaving’ practices are done at first non-sexually in order to build an understanding and relationship to the practice.

They are then applied to sexual ‘play’ in order to consciously utilize the powerful energies generated during sexual pleasure.  These energies are then directed to healing and enriching body, mind and spirit.

There are a variety of different styles of Tantra.  Some are more traditionally based such as Taoist Tantra, Hindu Tantra and Tibetan Tantra.  Other styles of ‘tantra’, such as the Native American Quodoushka, are rooted in shamanistic healing practices from indigenous cultures around the world.

Today, the word Tantra can mean anything from a meditation class to an erotic massage, but the underlying theme in all of these modalities is cultivating consciousness.

It is the yearning for mindful presence in all aspects of life, including sexuality, which has given rise to all these various styles of Tantra we are able to learn from today.

From our perspective, Tantra is not a religion; it is a holistic lifestyle practice for integrating body, mind, spirit and sex, so that you can experience more happiness, more peace, more joy, more connection, more love and less suffering in every area of your life.

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