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Are you in need of some extra TLC  ~ “Tantric Loving Care”?


We know that healing and transformation can be challenging. Dealing with our trauma, our pain, our woundings isn’t easy, but we’ve experienced first hand the pleasure and liberation that awaits when we break through our blocks to bliss.


If you find yourself confused, or avoiding or resisting your practice, or overwhelmed by emotions, or unsure how to break through to the next level – we’re here for you and ready to support you.


We’ve created a special “Dakini Time” Coaching Package just for you, to support and deepen your Female Orgasm Intensive experience.

Benefits of Tantra Coaching Sessions:


  • Achieve faster results by getting the professional guidance and support you need.


  • Receive personalized coaching to help break through your individual blocks to bliss.


  • Address your specific questions and realize your sexual goals and desires.


  • Learn from a Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner who has mastered these practices and experienced the results you’re seeking.


  • Get the connection, empathy, and support you need to flourish and grow!

Female Orgasm Intensive Bonus Coaching Package

Includes 3 one hour online coaching sessions*

Reg. $500

Special Offer – 30% off for FOI Members

ONLY $350



*All 3 sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase

Schedule Your Free 15 Minute Consultation.

All consultations are video and are held via Skype or Zoom.


This is an opportunity to meet with your instructor face-to-face to assess your current goals and determine how we can best support you.


These consultations are not coaching sessions! Your coaching session time and day will be scheduled as part of your consultation.


Your payment will be collected via PayPal and is due no later than 24 hours before your first coaching session.

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