G-Spot Yoni (Vagina) Massage

G-Spot Yoni Massage VideoWatch Yoni Massage Preview:

Why Learn G-Spot Yoni (Vagina) Massage?

  • Awaken Over 10 Types of Female Orgasm
  • Awaken The G-spot Orgasm
  • Female Ejaculation ~ What it is & How You Can Experience It!
  • The A-Spot ~ What is it, Where is it & Why You Want to Know About It!
  • Sexual Healing for Emotional Freedom

Course Contents:

    • Why Over 70% of Women Are Not Having Vaginal Orgasms
    • How to Become a Multi-Orgasmic Woman
    • How to Find Your G-spot & Have G-spot Orgasms
    • How to Experience Female Ejaculation
    • Healing Sexual Trauma
    • Positions for Pleasure!
    • Solo Tantra vs. Partner Tantra

Also Includes:

    • Detailed, Live¬†Yoni Massage Video Instruction
    • Live Action Sexual Communication Demonstrations
    • Filmed Footage of an Authentic Tantric Healing Experience

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