Healing Vaginal Pain with Tantra

It’s all too common for women to experience vaginal pain, and the topic deserves much more attention.

Especially from the viewpoint of a holistic approach to sexuality, namely as a part of our life which involves our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

The causes of vaginal pain are many and I’d like to tell you a little about how it can happen when there seems to be no medical explanation for it.

Often women with vaginal pain are told by their doctor that there is nothing wrong with them. Now, I’m not here to say there is something wrong with you or the person you might know who suffers from this condition. I’m here to tell you that the pain is just as real even if the cause of it doesn’t show up in medical tests.

The pain is real, it always has a cause, and it can most probably be treated. The limitation is usually in our capability to understand the pain and the driving force behind it, and how well we’re able to address that cause at its root.

If we don’t consider sexuality as part of the journey to heal vaginal pain, we’re pretending that the genitals that are having a painful experience are not the same genitals that are made to enjoy sex.

Sex is always a part of the picture for women who suffer from vaginal pain.

Energy medicine teaches us that when our energy body is out of balance so is our physical, mental and emotional body. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy human beings can conjure, and its power can be directed toward healing the energy body and all the systems that it sustains. Sexual energy and pleasure can be the very medicine that heals pain and dysfunction in the sexual organs.

Neuroscience teaches us that the pain is in the brain, and that the driving forces behind pain are many. Conscious and subconscious belief being a big one. If we can understand a woman’s life experiences and her beliefs about her sexuality, relationships, worthiness of love and more, we can identify the forces that are contributing to her vaginal pain.

We know that the human body has an inbuilt capacity to heal itself, and that all its systems work together and affect each other mutually.

I truly believe that success in curing vaginal pain is dependent on a holistic approach where the person suffering is actively participative, and where we rally the healing power of all her systems: body, mind, energy (spirit) and sex.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video where I talk to Dr. Andrea Pennington about how I weave Tantric methods in with traditional western approaches to healing vaginal pain.

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