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Get the secret recipe for unlocking your full pleasure potential in this 5 part video guide. Only $15 when you use the code “PLEASURECLASS”!

  • Discover the over 11 different kinds of female orgasm


  • Find out the top three “blocks to bliss” preventing you from experiencing your full orgasmic potential


  • Learn 4 Keys for awakening more pleasure and joy in every area of your life!

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Discover the art of using pleasure as medicine to awaken your full potential for pleasure- in and out of the bedroom!

  • Learn ancient and modern tantric practices to heal and transform body, mind, spirit & sex


  • Break through blocks & limitations to experience greater bliss & joy in all areas of your life


  • Overcome sexual shame and guilt to feel more liberated and self expressed
ejaculation mastery for men

Discover ancient secrets for accessing your full sexual potential, increasing vitality, and healing sexual dysfunction naturally.

  • Learn powerful Tantric methods to control ejaculation, last longer and become multi-orgasmic


  • Heal premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction naturally


  • Increase physical stamina, mental clarity and focus


This program will be launching February 6th, 2018. Sign up below for launch announcements and updates!

  • Learn powerful Tantric methods for creating and cultivating a sacred sexual relationship


  • Deepen emotional intimacy and connection


  • Heal sexual trauma


  • Awaken your full orgasmic potential as a couple


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