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Awaken Your Sexual Potential with Tibetan Tantra™!

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Think of all the time and energy you devote to your physical health and well-being; Yoga, exercise, eating a healthy diet, meditating, etc.

Doesn’t your sex life deserve as much attention and care? 

What if your sexual satisfaction and the quality of your intimate connection had an effect on every other area of your life?

What if by consciously cultivating your sexual pleasure you could enhance the health of your mind, body & spirit?

Well guess what? It does and you CAN!


Are You Looking For The Secrets To:

  • More passion and connection in your relationship
  • Increased libido and sexual desire
  • Awakening the g-spot, female ejaculation & the 11 different orgasms for women
  • Lasting longer and multiple orgasms for men
  • Freedom from sexual dysfunction, pain, or lack of pleasure
  • Increased physical health, energy and vitality, i.e. “the fountain of youth”
  • Emotional happiness and peace of mind
  • Creating a deeply intimate and “sacred” sexual connection


Discover The Power Of Tibetan Tantra!


Tibetan Tantra™ is a style of Tantric sexual yoga that weaves ancient Tibetan Tantric practices, with Taoist Sexual Yoga, and modern cutting-edge sex education.

These methods are rooted in ancient and “secret” Tibetan sexual and non-sexual practices, some of which have never before been taught openly, which makes them some of the most authentic, powerful, transformative, and healing Tantric sexual instructions available today.

The Complete Tibetan Tantra™ Online Program offers qualified instruction these ancient Tibetan Tantric sexual practices, while highlighting some of the most effective and enjoyable Western and India-based Tantric methods for cultivating a deeply intimate, truly enriching, and spiritually rewarding sexual experience.

Not only do these methods enhance your sexuality, they also catalyze personal transformation in every area of your life!

Along with a deeply enriched sexual connection, practitioners of Tibetan Tantra have experienced significant improvements in physical health, mental clarity and focus, emotional healing, and increased sense of well-being, happiness, and joy!


What Makes Tibetan Tantra™ Unique?


  •  Tibetan Tantra™ instruction is rooted in ancient and secret Tibetan sexual teachings, which have never before been taught openly in the west. These are some of the original instructions from Tantric Buddhism for using human sexual energy as a “vehicle” or path to enlightenment (i.e. realizing your full human potential!)


  • These teachings are lineage-based, meaning they have been passed down from teacher to student in an oral tradition for 2,600 years! This makes these instructions pure, powerful, and undiluted – which means results in mind, body & spirit show up quickly!


  • Jacques Drouin and Devi Ward are the first 2 Westerners given permission to share some of these teachings openly, and have included many of them in this online Tantra Education Program. (Some instructions can only be shared in person, so please contact Jacques or Devi for personal coaching or live weekend workshops)


  • Tibetan Tantra™ is an ONLINE learning program, which means – you view the videos online on your computer, iPad, or smart phone anytime you want, in the comfort and privacy of your own home! And, there is no waiting time for DVD’s, as you get instant access upon purchase!


Learn Tantra Online

Discover How Your S.E.X. Can Become a Tool for Transformation!


  • Some Physical Benefits of Practicing Tibetan Tantra are: Increased energy and vitality, increased libido, boosted immune system, hormonal balance, better cardiovascular health, improved brain function, relieving depression, correcting sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and inability to orgasm in women.


  • Some Relational Benefits of Practicing Tibetan Tantra are: Deepening intimacy & connection, increasing passion and pleasure. Building trust, strengthening bonds, improved communication skills, increased libido and desire, and bringing the spark back.


  • Some Personal Benefits of Practicing Tibetan Tantra are: Healing from past wounding or trauma, feeling more connected to your body & more present in life. Improving confidence and feelings of empowerment, inner peace, connection to the sacred and Divine. Cultivating self-love, self-acceptance, peace of mind, and personal growth.


All that PLUS, better orgasms, better sex, more connection, more pleasure, more JOY, and all the good stuff that life and love have to offer! 


The Complete Tibetan Tantra™ Online Learning Program includes instant access to hours of in depth detailed instruction in:


  • Tantra Sex Education onlineThe Tantric Approach to Lovemaking and Relationships
  • Sexual Healing & Releasing Blocks to Intimacy
  • Simple Secrets for Men to Last Longer in Bed and HOW to Orgasm Without Ejaculating!
  • Awakening Over 10 Types of Orgasm for Women
  • The G-spot & Female Ejaculation – The Fountain of Youth!
  • The Anatomy of Male Pleasure
  • The Relationship Between Sex and Mind/Body Health!
  • How to Use Pleasure as Medicine for Mind, Body, Heart Integration

LIVE Video Demonstrations of:

  • G-spot Yoni Massage
  • Lingam (Phallus) Massage
  • Semen Retention
  • Tantric Breathing
  • Tantric Meditations
  • Positions for Pleasure
  • And More!

Your purchase includes lifetime access to this material, which means- as long as you and the internet are alive, you can view and review this material whenever you want, from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

So what are you waiting for? We invite you to begin creating the sacred intimacy, love and sexual enlightenment you desire RIGHT NOW with Tibetan Tantra!

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