does penis size matter?

Does Penis Size Matter? Here’s What Matters Even More!

Does penis size matter? This is something most people with penises will ask themselves at least once in their life.

The easiest answer is- it depends on who you ask.

For some people on the receiving end of lingam loving, penis size can play a significant role in arousal as well as sensation.  And in some cases, bigger is not always better.

But I think when most lingam owners ask the question “does penis size matter?”, what they are really wanting to know is- “Is my penis good enough? Is it enough to give my partner pleasure?”

I think the best way to answer this question is by looking at the holistic nature of the human sexual experience, and addressing this on the level of body, heart, and spirit.

#1) The Body

My friend Montique Stephon says that sexual intercourse is essentially an internal massage, and there are a variety of pleasure zones inside the vagina that will blossom into orgasm with the proper “strokes”.

He teaches lingam owners how to use conscious movement in order stimulate internal engorgement and “coax” the vagina into orgasms.

Because some of these pleasure zones are located deep inside the vagina, some vagina owners may prefer an anatomically larger penis size in order to reach these areas more effectively.

But reaching these “deep zones” is not entirely dependent upon your genital anatomy.

Vulva and vaginal engorgement makes these areas more accessible to penises of any size, and different sexual positions allow for greater access to certain areas in and around the vagina.

So foreplay, foreplay, foreplay is the answer to that!

Also in regards to the body- the average size penis is 5.5 – 6 inches long when erect. The average vagina length is 4.25- 4.75 inches when aroused. So when a female body is fully engorged a 5 inch penis should have no trouble hitting those deeper erogenous zones.

#2) The Heart

Sexual intercourse is the most intimate physical experience 2 human beings can have. You are literally merging your body with another human being. Imagine what happens when you merge your hearts as well.

Most people I have spoken with agree – the deeper the emotional connection, the better the sex.

Which brings us to point number 3… Spirit.

#3) Spirit

In this context we use the word “spirit” to speak of an intangible/unseen aspect of sexuality, which is often overlooked, and that is energy.

Our energy body is just as important (sometimes even more so!) than our physical body, and sex is more than just a physical exchange. It is an energetic exchange as well.

And though we can not always see energy, we can usually feel it, particularly during sexual intimacy.

There is a saying- “where the mind goes, energy flows” and this has been proven with bio feedback studies.

Energy collects and transmits to where we place our attention and focus, so guys- if you put all of your attention and focus on sending your heart, and love, and passion, and desire through your lingam, into her heart- well…I am going to suggest you try it and tell ME what happens.

So the ultimate answer to the question- “Does penis size matter”? is- not when you know how to properly make love to your partner’s body, heart, and soul.


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What’s your opinion? Does size size matter to you? If so, why? We’d love to know!

But first…watch Devi and Marthe answer the question “Does Penis Size Matter?” on Sex As Medicine TV!

  • Oscar
    Posted at 10:26h, 01 October Reply

    This is so true! In deep “connection” my wife can still feel the full organic flowing passionate energy even if only my lingam head is at her opening. My experience is deep as well, feeling my root pulse and send energy up her spine that then comes back into my heart as pure bright love! It’s rad! And ongoing! And so peaceful and rich!

    Rich deep dynamic movement is also apart but the “buffet” of lovemaking needs the cool and sweet along with the rich and spicy!

    Thanks for sharing this info and for letting other men know what up with there “junk”!

    Make more love!


    • Devi Ward
      Posted at 21:49h, 07 October Reply

      Thank you so much for sharing Oscar! Your experience sounds precious and profound! We appreciate your comments 🙂 xoxox

  • James Dillon
    Posted at 10:42h, 01 October Reply

    A very clear, timely and reassuring message about penis size, intercourse, and pleasuring a woman. I especially like the mentioning of the sexual energy transmitted by the penis through a woman’s vagina to her heart. In addition, you mentioned in your transcript that engorgement of the female body is a key to allow the average penis to reach more deeply in the woman’s vagina. Sherry Winston addresses that aspect of engorgement in her work, Woman’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure ( I am interested in your thinking on how a man can assist his lover to become engorged. Finally, if the intercourse is really about the exchange or rather the flow of circulating sexual energy, then please discuss how active should a man’s thrusting be, or rather how still with minimal movement should be to allow the maximum flow of energy to take place.

    • Devi Ward
      Posted at 21:48h, 07 October Reply

      Hello James! Thank you so much for your comment, and please forgive the delayed response. I am just seeing this now 🙂 Yes! I love Sheri’s work. I learned so much from her book and it is one of our top recommendations for students. To answer your questions, to assist your female partner in becoming engorged, we recommend Yoni Massage and lots of slow sensual touch and connection. Female Bodies also engorge through penetrative intercourse, the issue with this is having the male retain his semen for longer periods of time, so that she can reach full engorgement and still keep going 🙂 How should a man thrust? I truly believe that the connection between her body and yours will inform your thrust, is you are able to “listen”. She can also verbally communicate to you about what type of thrust she may prefer. Also- lastly, my friend Montique who I mention in the article teaches a variety of different thrusting skills for men. I recommend checking him out. Thank you again for commenting and for your very thoughtful questions!

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