Lasting Longer for Men – Intro

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Welcome to Lasting Longer – Unleash the Multi-Orgasmic Man. This course is broken up in to several sections (or web pages) for your viewing pleasure. Each web page contains a segment of teachings, and at the bottom of each page is a link to the proceeding section. We recommend that you follow the video’s and course material in a linear fashion, as we have arranged the course material in this way for your best understanding. Video’s can be maximized to full screen and can also be viewed on smart phones.

Please download the Lasting Longer Curriculum, and we hope you enjoy the Tantric journey.

Click here to proceed to the first lesson “Effects of Frequent Ejaculation“.


  1. Dear Jacques,

    I want to order your “laster longer for men” program but I fear the program is pretty much everything I have read online before. Breath exercises and PC muscle exercises cannot be the ONLY tricks out there. As I said before…many sources online talk about these exercises for free.

    Do the 23 videos total only 1 hour?

    If I start using the program religiously how long before I can achieve orgasme without ejaculation? A month-year?

    I understand everyone’s body is different and NO I do not seek a 1 hour quick fix but I’d rather NOT make this an 8 hour a day job.

    Thank you and excited to hear your responses.

    • Aloha Sir,
      thank you for your inquiry. In answer to your questions;
      1: yes there are more methods than just the million dollar point on these videos. We give you complete oral instruction in detail, followed by live demonstrations with oral instruction, in three different methods of semen retention. These instruction include both solo and partner tantra application. These are the foundation for two more methods added at the advanced level. This totals 5 methods not including the high Tantra methods taught only on person, so in total 7 methods in our school are used.

      The methods we teach do not include the PC muscle contraction as it actually blocks the ability to have a non-ejaculatory orgasm. It creates a block to the flow of the winds which results in frustration usually. It is also very frustrating for the woman, when the man gets close to his great pleasure with her, he tightens up, stops making love with her and withdraws his energy. They really don’t like it, I have had women clients in tears from their partners using that method. It is ineffective for our purpose: multiple whole body orgasms without semen loss, oh yeah! That is the purpose of our methods.

      As for the million dollar point, many think they know it but don’t really. I ask you, when you use the million dollar point as you know it, are you having massive mind blowing orgasms? If not, you lack correct instruction, it is that simple. I demonstrate this naked with my oral instructions of 30 years of successful application to amazing levels of accomplishment. Also, the million dollar point is only one of 4 such points on the body which when connected, creates what we call “the Billion Dollar Circuit”, known only in Authentic Tantra.

      2: You will see that when you have the correct methods and instruction of the principles surrounding the actual practice, results come fairly quickly with a basic degree of diligence, maybe a few hours a week. At that basic degree of practice, we are talking sex here, some of my students have non-ejaculatory orgasms in the first few weeks, some first time. From there some are having whole body orgasms that last 2 minutes each, maybe four in a row, within four months of practice, as you yourself said, it does depend on application, also health and propensity.

      I am almost 57 years old, and can have 5 to 30 orgasms in a partner session, 1 to 4 hours of penetration. I started as a premature ejaculator. It is the methods and the correct understanding of how to use them, you must have correct understanding. This is a bit like learning kung fu, there are the methods of movement, but also one must develop power, which is mind training. Mind training is superior to body training, without it, no real result.

      I suggest you also get the “Intimacy Essentials”, these are the principles, the foundation upon which all the other instruction rests. This is not ghetto Kamasutra you can find on line, these are the Authentic Tantra oral instructions from a 2600 year old lineage. You get what you pay for.

      If you buy the package you get “Intimacy Essentials”, and “Longer Lasting Man” for $149. Combined over 20 hours of instruction! And you get to ask personal questions about your practice, as well as pave the way for higher more advanced practice instruction.

      I pray that answers your questions.
      Peace, Jacques Drouin


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