Unleash The Multi-Orgasmic Man with Semen Retention

Semen RetentionWatch Semen Retention Preview:

Lasting Longer includes 23 instructional videos covering a variety of techniques for ejaculation control. Each purchase also grants you free access to our Tantra Essentials Course which includes an additional 27 videos on the fundamentals of tantric practice.

Why Learn Semen Retention?

  • Last Longer in Bed
  • Control and Master Ejaculation
  • Learn How to Have Multiple Orgasms
  • Naturally Correct Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation
  • Improve Physical Health and Sexual Stamina
  • Increase Mental Clarity, Focus and Energy!
  • Overcome Post-ejaculation Depression

Course Contents:

    • The Simple Secrets to Lasting Longer in Bed
    • 3 of the Easiest, Most Effective Semen Retention Methods Available
    • How to Practice Semen Retention Alone & During Sexual Intercourse
    • HOW to Orgasm Without Ejaculating!
    • Sexual Kung-Fu & Mind Training
    • The Degenerative Effects of Over-Ejaculation
    • Physical, Mental, & Relational Benefits of Semen Retention

Also Includes:

  • Live Action Demonstrations of The Million Dollar Point and Other Semen Retention Methods
  • Live Demonstrations of HOW to Orgasm Without Ejaculating By Yourself AND With Your Partner
  • Detailed Instruction From a Tantric Master in How to Use Each Method for Maximum Pleasure!
  • Live Footage of Using Semen Retention with a Partner
  • The Scientific Facts Behind Semen Retention

Each purchase of Lasting Longer includes free access to our comprehensive tantric skills course: Tantra Essentials. The course features detailed, live action tantric breathing instruction, sexual communication demonstration, and home-play exercises. Topics covered include:

  • How Tibetan Tantra™ Works to Transform Your Life, Health & Relationships
  • The Tantric Approach to Lovemaking and Relationships
  • Tibetan Tantra™ Methods for Healing & Releasing Blocks to Intimacy
  • The Secrets to Pleasuring your Partner…and much more

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*If you do not receive an email within 24 hours after purchase, please contact us at info@tantricartsoflove.com.  Thank you!