Are you experiencing your full sexual potential?

The male body is capable of over 8 different kinds of orgasm.


How many are you having?


Most people don’t realize that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate functions of the nervous system, and with proper training, men can learn to become multi orgasmic and last as long as they want.


Learn Authentic Tantra™ and say goodbye to:

  • Premature ejaculation and “coming too soon”
  • Lack of confidence in bed
  • Unsatisfied female partners.
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If you are looking for practical effective ways to:


  • Control ejaculation and last longer


  • Become multi-orgasmic


  • Heal premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction


  • Satisfy your female partners


  • Heal and awaken HER full orgasmic potential


  • Feel more confident in bed



Then you are in the right place!

Our high quality Tantra programs are designed to give you tangible, practical, and effective tools for:

  • Controlling ejaculation and lasting as long as you choose to
  • Healing PE and ED naturally and permanently
  • Building and maintaining sexual power and virility
  • Increasing orgasm and pleasure
  • Becoming multi-orgasmic
  • Healing sexual trauma including; circumcision trauma, sexual shaming, and sexual abuse
  • Cultivating mental clarity, focus, and power
  • Processing emotions effectively and non-violently
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Ejaculation Mastery is a comprehensive video training program for men which provides practical, effective tools for lasting longer, separating orgasm from ejaculation, and becoming multi-orgasmic.


This program is designed to support men in all phases of their sexual journey. You will learn concrete methods to help you control ejaculation, heal premature ejaculation and/or erectile dysfunction, Tantric methods to help overcome Porn addiction, and time tested techniques for becoming a fully multi-orgasmic man who is in full control of his ejaculatory response.





ejaculation mastery for men
Sexual Mastery for Men is a 12 session transformational journey into the heart of Tantra.


This program offers you the personalized guidance and support that is necessary to deeply integrate and truly master the art of Tantra. You will work closely with the Tantra Mastery Coach of your choice to design a Tantra program tailored specifically to meet your desired areas of excellence and growth.


Dive deep into the heart of Tantra and become a master in the art of sexual love with Tantra Mastery for Men.





sexual mastery for men

Master the Art of Ejaculation Control!

Learn the art of separating orgasm from ejaculation and become fully multi-orgasmic.


Ejaculation Mastery for Men course launches February 6th, 2018!


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