Break through blocks & limitations to…

Experience Greater Bliss & Joy In All Areas of Your Life


Heal past trauma & overcome shame to…

Feel More Sexually Liberated


Expand your capacity for pleasure and…

Awaken Your Full Orgasmic Potential

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Recent scientific studies have proven

The More Empowered A Woman Feels In Her Sexual Pleasure:

The More Empowered She Feels to Live Her Dreams & Make Meaningful Life Contributions!

On the other hand…

When You Are Not Connected to Your Sexual Pleasure & Orgasm You May Experience:


  • Frequent Depression & Irritability
  • Feeling Uninspired & Unmotivated
  • Being Stuck in Dysfunctional Relationships
  • Low Energy & Vitality
  • Low Libido
  • Lack of Passion, Purpose & Clarity



These symptoms affect how you relate to your family, children, partners, friends & associates.


Your Entire Life is Affected by Your Sexual Pleasure!


The Orgasmic Awakening for Women Program offers the support you need to learn practical, effective, and authentic tools, to start experiencing pleasure as a path of personal transformation and spiritual growth.


By combining ancient sexual and non-sexual healing modalities with modern somatic techniques and heart centered communication, you can transcend to new heights of sexual experience and wellbeing.

“I am so grateful for this knowledge and skill!”


“I feel like what we have worked on these past few weeks has cracked my heart and head and soul open to a new level of awareness.


Working with you has done more for me in two weeks than years of therapy has since the divorce and understanding of my upbringing and acculturation.


I feel free to make choices, have my own power and be aware of the person, soul and mind that I am.


Understanding my basic human needs is big breakthrough and should be taught in schools and in families everywhere!!! I am so grateful for this knowledge and skill!


This will have a deep impact for me, my family and the world of souls I come into contact and work with! Blessings and honor to you in being this coach for me and bringing this gift into the world!”



Ann C. Seattle, WA

“With Tibetan Tantra, I experience being truly present with my partner…”


“It’s been 4 months since I started Tantra Training with Devi and it saved my relationships and my life!  My partner recently said “I was longing to connect with you deeply and I didn’t think it was possible” and he cried.


I have been discovering deeper level of connection and intimacy with myself and others and my life has become rich and juicy. I’ve had many other spiritual practices and trainings, and Authentic Tantra is the most powerful, yet gentle healing method I’ve ever had. With Authentic Tantra, I experience being truly present with my partner, passion, oneness, security, full of joy, richness, aliveness, wow this is going to be a long list! Good news is that this is life-long practice and I am excited to discover something new every day and every moment.


Devi is such a generous teacher and I am thrilled to have sessions with her every week.  She creates a safe, open and playful space so that I am able to share anything with her and free myself to discover new level of pleasure and joy not only in sexuality, but also in all areas of my life.”



Chikako T. Vancouver, BC

“My course and personal development with Devi far exceeded my expectations.”


“Working with Devi was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. I went into it simply wanting to improve my well being in as many ways as I could. Having gone through a divorce and other stresses I felt it was time to take “control” of pleasure and healing in my life. I quickly discovered that, even though I thought I had been a sexually confident and knowledgeable woman most of my life, I really didn’t know much! A “Ya don’t know what ya don’t know” kind of realization! My course and personal development with Devi far exceeded my expectations.


I have a much fuller love and appreciation for my feminine powers now and see pleasure as the primary goal in all areas of life. Orgasmic pleasure, in all senses of the words is possible. There is a path and Devi shines a bright light on it, while keeping her clients safe and comfortable. It feels like talking with a (really open, sexy and warm) beloved friend. One of the best choices I have made in a long time.”



 Janice B. Vancouver, BC

In this 12-session training you:

  • Learn

    • Female sexual anatomy and the four sources of female ejaculate
    • How to easily and effortlessly communicate about your pleasure in bed
    • Ancient Tibetan Tantric practices to enrich your physical, emotional & mental health
    • To awaken your G-spot & the 11 different orgasms for women
  • Practice

    • Create a daily and weekly Authentic Tantra Practice
    • Yoni Yoga to awaken sensation and pleasure
    • Creating a sacred relationship to your body and pleasure
    • The art of using sex as medicine to awaken more of your potential in life
  • Heal

    • Sexual trauma and reclaiming your sensual sovereignty
    • Blocks to Bliss and deep intimacy
    • Sexual guilt, fear & shame
    • Body and self worth issues preventing you from embracing your full, whole, and beautiful self!

How this program works:

The course consists of 12-one hour sessions taught over Skype or Zoom, designed to guide you step-by-step through the process of integrating Authentic Tantra methods into your everyday life.


You’ll begin by choosing to work with one of our four knowledgeable Authentic Tantra Mastery Coaches.


You and your coach will meet online for one hour each week where you’ll be given personal instruction in Authentic Tantra techniques and receive personal support as your progress through the program.


The course will be customized to your unique needs and goals, and each lesson will build upon the techniques of the previous lessons.


You’ll have weekly homeplay assignments and as you practice these techniques you will begin to experience more pleasure, clarity, enjoyment, balance, openness and bliss in your life.


Once you have completed your training, you can take advantage of our ONE HOUR COMPLIMENTARY FOLLOW UP SESSION to answer questions and to continue deepening the skills you’ve learned.

How your intake works:

Please read through all the steps and financial options before starting Step One

Your program includes:

12 hours of personalized, one-on-one coaching in the 4 Pillars of Authentic Tantra methods to awaken, heal, and reveal your true human potential

Ongoing guidance and support necessary for removing your “blocks to bliss” and uncovering your orgasmic essence!

12 months access to the Female Orgasm Intensive Video Program

12 months access to the 5 Core Pelvic Movements Video Instruction

Written Empowerment Program Course Materials (PDFs)

Shake Your Soul Song Book by Devi Ward (paperback)

One pair of Rose Quartz Yoni Balls

Recordings of each Session and Guided Meditation Recordings


made in 2 payments of $1250



as a one time payment
PLEASE NOTE: Payments made via PayPal invoices from the company name: Tibetan Tantra Inc.



Your Unique Sexual Identity?
Your Values & Your Boundaries?



Courtney Garner is a passionate instructor whose positive spirit and genuine compassion, create a welcoming healing space for her students.  Growing up in poverty, a survivor of sexual and mental abuse, she knows firsthand the affects of deep trauma and negative conditioning.  Her own struggles of being sexually repressed and shamed have inspired her to work with men and women who seek help with sexual dysfunction and reuniting mind, body, spirit, and sex! Another focal point of her instruction is meditation and how transformative it is, especially for those suffering from hyperactive thoughts, anxiety and stress. Courtney’s personal tantra practice has ushered in a more open, wholesome, and healthier way of thinking and living that she longs to share with the world!



Marci Weinstein is a Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner and has been teaching and facilitating group workshops on Tantra, Deepening Pleasure and Intimacy and Communication & Connection since 2012. As a Personal Transformation Catalyst, she helps guide others to release what no longer serves them, discover their authentic selves, and expand what’s possible in their lives.


After 20+ years of study and commitment to personal development and self-improvement, Marci is now passionate about sharing the path of self-love, self-acceptance, pleasure, intimacy, and spiritual growth. She has additional background in sexual energetics, authentic relating, NVC (Non-Violent Communication), hypnosis, hands-on healing, and personal coaching. After experiencing her own personal healing, growth and empowerment as a participant in the Authentic Tantra Certification Program in 2015, she is now dedicated to sharing this powerful program with others so they too can experience greater freedom, joy, connection and pleasure in their lives and relationships.


Marci continues her Dharma study and practice under the direction of Lama Tashi. She is a devoted Dakini who finds her greatest joy in providing loving and compassionate service for others along their personal path. Marci lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she’s also the co-owner of Glow Spa for the past 15 years.



Alaina Salks comes to Authentic Tantra with a diverse educational and professional background. She is a poet, writer and artist, as well as an avid plant enthusiast. Her love of communication, arts and the natural world imbues her teaching style with grounded, loving, nurturing energy.


Alaina has been a full-time stepmother since 2011, and is well acquainted with the challenges of raising children in a non-traditional family. She understands the difficulty of maintaining a connected emotional and sexual relationship with one’s partner while raising a family in the wake of divorce. She brings this understanding to her work with individuals and couples, who struggle to connect with their partners under challenging circumstances.


After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from the University of Pittsburgh, Alaina joined the US Forest Service as a ranger in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains of California. For two years she walked among the world’s oldest trees.


In her decades long journey of spiritual exploration, she studied nonviolent communication, yoga and Vipassana meditation, but was ultimately led to practice Tantra and Vajrayana Buddhism. Through practicing Authentic Tantra, she has seen incredible transformation and growth in herself and her students. She lives with her husband and stepdaughters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


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The consultation is approximately 20-30 minutes, and is an opportunity for you to make a connection with your chosen coach, deepen your understanding of how the program works, and ask any questions you may have.

Consultations are for informational purposes only. There will be no Tantric instruction or techniques shared.

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Once you and your chosen coach have agreed to your program schedule, you will be sent an invoice via PayPal.* Payment of this invoice confirms your Tantra Mastery Coaching Program and any associated materials will be mailed out to you on the next business day.

* please note- Invoices will come from the company name Tibetan Tantra Inc.

This Program is about creating long-term, LIFE-time results, and though chances are you will see instant results, this is not about instant gratification.


It is about giving you the tools you need to create a sustainable, life-long path of emotional/sexual healing, personal satisfaction and personal growth, through sexual empowerment.

“Home Play” is an essential component of this program, and you will spend approximately 1 -2 hours, 3-4 days per week doing your home play assignments.


This is an investment of time and money, and I encourage you to think of this as an investment in your life, your health, your relationships, and your personal growth…because it is!

Once you have the tools, it is up to you to practice them.

“After the Tantra training, I started to feel whole.”



Best Selling Author, Marni Spencer Devlin

Your program includes:

12 hours of personalized, one-on-one coaching in the 4 Pillars of Authentic Tantra methods to awaken, heal, and reveal your true human potential

Ongoing guidance and support necessary for removing your “blocks to bliss” and uncovering your orgasmic essence!

12 months access to the Female Orgasm Intensive Video Program

12 months access to the 5 Core Pelvic Movements Video Instruction

Written Empowerment Program Course Materials (PDFs)

Shake Your Soul Song Book by Devi Ward (paperback)

One pair of Rose Quartz Yoni Balls

Recordings of each Session and Guided Meditation Recordings


made in 2 payments of $1250



as a one time payment
PLEASE NOTE: Payments made via PayPal invoices from the company name: Tibetan Tantra Inc.

Orgasmic Mastery for Women is designed for the modern woman by Devi Ward, Founder of Tibetan Tantra Inc.

Every Sexual Mastery Coach has hundreds of hours of Tantric training as star graduates in the Authentic Tantra Certification Program.