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Why World Peace Is An Inside Job and How Tantra Can Help

There’s a saying my Tibetan Buddhist Lama uses frequently which is, “inside-outside-same”.

This is expressed in Traditional Tibetan Buddhism as “mirror like wisdom”.

In new age terms it’s called “The law of attraction”, and the basic concept behind each of these statements is- what we experience externally is a direct reflection of our internal state of mind and being.

In Tibetan Buddhism the concept goes even deeper by proposing that any and all sense of separation or “otherness” is an illusion, and all that exists is a reflection of the Mind.

This sentiment is echoed throughout many ancient and modern spiritual teachings which in some way point to the belief that our external” reality is largely determined by our internal state of mind. 

And thus, a major reason to engage in the practice of a particular spiritual discipline is to create a clearer, calmer, and more pleasant inner world, in order to experience a more pleasant and enjoyable outer world.

So what does this have to do with World Peace?

Simple, the external conflict that we see in the world is the macro cosmic expression of the internal conflict we go through on a daily basis.

For example, do you ever feel like you are at war with yourself?

Do you struggle with self defeating thoughts or incessant mental chatter? 

Do you feel conflicted, uneasy, restless, searching? 

How often do you feel relaxed and at peace with yourself and the world around you?

Do you feel this when you are alone?

How about when you are with others?

When you are frustrated, uneasy, irritated, un-centered, how do you interact with others?

Do you unconsciously spit your pain at them?

Do you treat others the way you would like to be treated?

Do you feel some people are better than you, and some people not as good?

Do you treat them accordingly? 

Are you even willing to admit that?

All of these examples are just variations of what are called The 5 Root Poisons of Human Emotion. The Five Root Poisons of Human Emotion are anger, attachment, pride, jealousy, and ignorance – out of which 84,000 different types of “afflicted” emotions arise.

These emotional energies are what fuel our thoughts, and our thoughts fuel our actions – which subsequently have the potential to be harmful, or ineffectual at best.

A minor example of these emotional tendencies running wild could be your “normal” office conflict, in which someone is not liked by the rest of the group.

People will engage in negative speech, negative energy is generated, the gossip mill turns, etc. etc. 

It may seem insignificant, but these experiences can make someone’s work life a living hell, to the point where they dread getting up each day to go to work.

And these experiences of emotional affliction affect our health, our happiness, our state of mind, even our sexual performance.

On a larger scale the 5 root poisons running rampant are exemplified by what’s happening right now on the world stage, be it the Middle East, Syria, North Korea, and here in the United States.

Big guns and bombs blowing up little tiny human bodies, ripping them apart, and dismembering lives, literally. And all because of pride, jealousy, ignorance, attachment, and anger.

But the wonderful thing to know is that each of these 5 root poisons has an antidote, which is contained within the teachings and practice of the Tibetan Five Elements.

The Tibetan Five Elements practices use Tantra, (defined as weaving light and sound with form), to address these root poisons directly in our minds and bodies.

As we continue to use these elemental yogas, we begin to refine and alter our thought patterns and cultivate an inner space between “Self” and “thoughts.”

 As your practice matures, you develop the ability to observe thoughts arising in your mind, and then have the choice about whether to engage the thought/emotion, or let it go.

Imagine if you could choose which thoughts/feelings you wanted to cultivate and which thoughts/feelings you wanted to ignore because they made you unhappy and no longer served you.

Imagine the state of mental and emotional balance, inner peace, happiness, joy, positivity, etc, that would result from having the ability to entertain only those thoughts and emotions that were uplifting and life serving.

Having a clear, calm, balanced state of mind and body is your birthright, and the right of every human being on this planet. The ability to reclaim and cultivate your birthright by antidoting the five root poisons lies in the authentic, lineage based teachings of Tibetan Five Element Tantra.

You can learn more about healing with the Tibetan Five Elements in our Tantra Education programs, or study with our Teacher, Lama Tashi Dundrup.

Watch the video below to learn the True Purpose of Tantra and how it can promote World Peace…

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