5 Keys To Penetrating A Woman Properly!

There is an art and craft to the act of penetrating a woman.

It includes accounting for the state of her heart and mind, which will in turn affect the sexual functioning of her physical body.

Unfortunately this is not conveyed to us during our standard sex education classes, and most people of all gender identifications are left to educate themselves on how to have “great” sex.

There are 5 main keys to ensuring that your sexual penetration (be it with penis, fingers or inanimate objects),  is not only exquisitely pleasurable, but also healing- and not reinforcing old trauma.

When a female body is ready to be penetrated the vagina will literally suck you right in.

When a female body is NOT ready to be penetrated, there will be resistance.

This resistance can be felt anywhere along the vaginal canal- from right at the introitus (vaginal opening), to the g-spot area, a-spot area, or up near the cervix. You can feel this resistance with whatever you are using to penetrate the yoni.

When penetrating a woman before the vagina is ready to yield it can cause trauma- emotional and physical- to be stored in the delicate tissue of the vaginal opening. Sensations of numbness, pain, and particularly irritation at the vaginal introitus are indications of being penetrated before the body/mind/spirit is fully on board and ready to yield.

Unfortunately this experience of pain and irritation is quite common for many yoni owners, due to the lack of education regarding female bodies and how to prime them for optimal pleasure.

The video below shares 5 Keys for Penetrating a Female Body in the most juicy, deliciously pleasurable way possible.

Please note- though the focus in this video is mainly on penises entering the vagina, the same approaches apply to fingers, tongues, or inanimate objects.

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  1. I really appreciated this video, I had sexual trauma from my first boyfriend I hated that I lost my virginity when I was not ready I hated it, many times I hated having sex with him and it has left trauma. So it is wonderful to understand how to respect myself and how sex can be so healing and pleasurable. Thanks so much.

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