Conscious Sensual Awareness Partner Play!

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This partner play exercise was developed for partners in order to cultivate sensual sexuality. You’re invited to approach the exercise with a sense of playfulness, curiosity, and discovery. This exercise is best done with both partners in their underwear or entirely nude.


Give yourselves 1 hour for the exercise if possible so that you each have a turn, or if that isn’t possible, schedule 2 sessions of ½ hour each.


Begin with one person lying on the bed, either face down or face up, with the other partner sitting comfortably beside.


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Enriching Sight and Sound – Take a moment to lovingly look at your partner’s body. As you do this, express your appreciation to your partner verbally. Praise and appreciation can be medicine to sooth the suffering caused by the critic inside our minds. Most of us have body image issues due to the unrealistic, culturally-enforced standards of beauty that we are exposed to every day of our lives. Having your partner gaze at your body, while hearing loving words of acceptance and appreciation, can heal your relationship with your body on a deep emotional level.


Enriching Touch – Breathe energy into your hands and feel them come alive with intention. Now, gently brush, rub or stroke down the front of your partner’s body or up their back. It is important to move in this specific direction in order to balance the natural moving wind energies of the body. Always move up the back and down the front of the body.


Notice the contours of their flesh, the lovely lines, dips, and hollows. Focus on the pleasure that your hands experience as you touch your partner. Send loving intention from your heart through your hands, as you honor the physical container for the heart and soul that you adore.


Enriching SmellAgain, following the direction of moving up the back and down the front, smell your lover from toe to head and head to toe, taking the time to smell all the pulse points and detect the subtle differences to be found in each area of the body. For many people, the natural scent of their lover can be highly arousing and the experience of being consumed through smell can be extremely erotic!


Enriching TasteFollowing the directional patterns of movement (up the back and down the front), kiss and taste every inch of your partner’s flesh. Starting on their back, from the tips of the toes to top of the head, and back down the front again. Pay special attention to the areas that you were particularly drawn to by smell. Humans are wired such that if something is edible and we like the smell, chances are we will enjoy the taste as well.


You can also use this exercise to ignite sensual passion outside of the bedroom, by really tasting your partner’s mouth when you kiss. The same can be done with the other sense exercises as well.


When you are done, take a few moments to share with each other about your experience. Be sure to share emotions that arose as both the giver and receiver. Share any feelings of love, appreciation and/or discomfort, whatever arose for each of you. We cultivate deep soul intimacy with each other when we are able to put words to the inner workings of our hearts and share them with someone we love.


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