Decertified, unqualified, and unlicensed Authentic Tantra® Practitioners

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is the only school for Tantra in the world that is authorized to teach the Tibetan 5 Elements Theory and Practice specifically for the purpose of sexual healing. Our graduates undergo 15+ months of extensive training in the proprietary methods of the Authentic Tantra® modality to ensure that they are able to teach and implement the methods with accuracy, efficacy, and integrity. Practitioners of Authentic Tantra® adhere to a code of ethical conduct, which was developed to ensure the safety of both practitioners and clients and to prevent potential abuses or harm caused by incorrect or unethical teaching practices.

We consider it an honor and a privilege to be the only tantra training facility in the world authorized to teach and train others to teach, these potent, lineage-based healing methods. We take this very seriously, and strive to ensure all of our graduates are operating with integrity and within the clearly prescribed bounds of our codes of ethical conduct.

In order for certification to be revoked, a practitioner must have committed one or more of the following offenses:

  • Knowingly and intentionally teaching the Tibetan 5 Element Practices incorrectly and/or without authorization.
  • Engaging in sexual misconduct with clients (definition of sexual misconduct can be found in our code of ethics)
  • Repeatedly behaving in an unprofessional, malicious, and harmful manner with fellow colleagues and/or faculty
  • Stealing proprietary content from IATE, IATE faculty, and other IATE graduates.

Please be aware ~ The following people listed on this page are, and/or were, actively teaching the trademarked methods of the Authentic Tantra® modality without authorization and are currently in violation of their contractual and ethical agreements with IATE. Instances in which a student has not completed all phases and modules of their professional development training, and are teaching Authentic Tantra® methods without having received proper oversight and review, pose the danger of miseducation, misinformation, and potential harm to their clients as a result of being insufficiently trained.

Instances in which a graduate has repeatedly violated the IATE code of ethics demonstrates a lack of alignment with the fundamental essence of being a lineage-based Tantric practitioner, and in some cases, tangible harm has been caused.

The Tibetan 5 Element Practices are an ancient form of energy medicine that has been passed from teacher to student in an unbroken oral tradition spanning at least 1200 years. These practices are integral to the Authentic Tantra® modality and have been classified as a form of oriental medicine by the PTIB of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training, in BC Canada.

Teaching these methods without proper training and credentials can cause distortions in the energy body potentially leading to illness and dysfunction. It is therefore strongly recommended that consumers only receive Tibetan 5 Element and other Tantric healing methods from an authorized and accredited source.

The Classification of Instructional Program is: 51.3302 – Acupuncture and oriental medicine
Graduates of our training program qualify for the NOC code of:3232 – Practitioners of natural healing


    • LARISSA SMITH (Sexual Enrichment, SHAMANIC TANTRIC AWAKENINGS) – CERTIFICATION INCOMPLETE AND CONTRACT VIOLATION: Larissa Smith withdrew from the 2021 Authentic Tantra Certification Program on August 16th, 2021* due to government-mandated protocols regarding in-person events during the 2021 Delta Covid Wave. As her PTIB-mandated* student record will show, Larissa is not verified as having satisfactorily completed any portion of the 11-month certification training. Additionally, Larissa has not demonstrated any capacity to professionally teach or present any portion of the Institute’s government-accredited curriculum. *Based upon the CIP (Classification of Instructional Program) of this training, this is akin to a student who has dropped out of acupuncture or TCM school fraudulently presenting themselves as a qualified provider.  *Edited for accuracy. 


    • SAOIRSE WANG (ASATTI TANTRA) – CERTIFICATION REVOKED 5/2021 DUE TO CODES OF ETHICS VIOLATION: Saoirse Wang requested that her certification be revoked to avoid accountability for multiple potential violations of IATE’s ethical codes of conduct.


    • MARCI WEINSTEIN – CERTIFICATION REVOKED 4/2021 DUE TO MULTIPLE CODES OF ETHICS VIOLATIONS: IATE has an open criminal complaint filed against Ms. Weinstein for multiple codes of ethics violations.






    • YEMOJA OCEAN – Never completed certification and has not demonstrated any degree of professional competency.


    • ELAINE MILES – Never completed certification and has not demonstrated any degree of professional competency


    • JILL JORGENSEN – Never completed certification and has not demonstrated any degree of professional competency

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*The Tantra Mastery Training Program does not require approval by the registrar of the private Training Institute Branch (PTIB). As such, the registrar did not review this program.