Explosive Sexual Healing

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Explosive Sexual Healing = Getting What You Want From Life!


Join Devi and Explosive Sexual Healing Founders, Ben and Jen Rode, as they discuss how awakening a woman’s orgasmic potential can facilitate awakening in every other area of her life!


In this episode of Sex is Medicine you will learn:


  •  How pleasure can be the most powerful healing experience
  •  The difference between a clitoral orgasm and a G-spot orgasm and why a G-spot orgasm is so healing
  •  How to reveal your goddess
  •  What an “Explosive Sexual Healing” experience is really like and learn the difference between good sex and a sexual healing experience
  •  How to use orgasm to get what you want in your life



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explosive sexual healingBen Rode is a Futurist and Modern Day Shaman, and Jen Rode is a Spiritual Activist, clairvoyant channel, and Oracle in Chief and CEO at The Rode Institute. Ben and Jen are the founders of The Rode Institute, home of the most powerful transformational process on the planet as voted by those who have experienced them. Ben and Jen have been leading people through incredible processes for over 5 years.


Ben & Jen, live in Costa Rica with their 2 kids and 2 huskies. Their favorite thing about their life right now is that they live on vacation all day every day, allowing them all the time in the world to download the map of 5D consciousness, the Universal Laws, and other mysteries of the universe.


For more info check out their website HERE! 



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  1. Hi guys!!

    I heard about you on the sex with Emily podcast!

    I am a survivor of physical and sexual trauma and would very much like to be free!

    Please help me!

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