Female Ejaculation – Fact or Fiction?

What is Female Ejaculation and where does it come from?


Is it something every woman can do, or just a special few?


What’s it made from, and is it safe and healthy to ingest?


Listen in as Devi Ward discusses Female Ejaculation-Facts & Fiction, with Sexual Researcher, Art Noble.


Find out the science behind female ejaculation, where it comes from, how it is produced, and it’s very ancient and celebrated history, with evidence dating back to 7000 BC!


Art also share references to Female Ejaculation in the Bible!


Also- find out how you can begin experiencing the regenerative effects of female ejaculatory orgasm for yourself!



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female ejaculationAbout Art Noble:

*Art Noble is deceased and we celebrate his contributions to all of us during his lifetime.

Art Noble is the author of “The Sacred Female ~ A Sonata of Sexual Love and Spirituality” and “Forbidden: The Alchemy of Erotic Love” .


Born in Los Angeles, Art grew up in Key West where he lived four years in the Hemingway Home. He is the son of internationally known artist, Van Noble, who opened the Hemingway Home as an Art Gallery before it became a museum. On moving, he acquired Hemingway’s lamp from the home. He still writes under the lamp.


His newest book, “Forbidden:…” is the result of 15 years of research and his experiences.


Find out more and purchase his books on Amazon HERE

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