Ganja Yoga and Cannabis Enhanced Pleasure!

Cannabis and wellness are an ancient pairing that have been used across the globe. In this discussion, Ganja Yoga creator Dee Dussault will share how you can skillfully use Cannabis to enhance relaxation, connection, sensation and pleasure! She’ll discuss safety tips and how to make cannabis consumption feel like foreplay and how even beginners to weed can use THC, CBD, and cannabis lubes for greater sensuality, intimacy, and pleasure!! 


  • What is Ganja Yoga?
  • Why Ganja? The history of its use in spiritual practice
  • The role of relaxation, mindfulness, yoga, in sexual connection and arousal
  • Why weed works for sex/intimacy
  • CBD vs THC, terpenes
  • The in’s and out’s of cannabis enhanced pleasure
  • How to use cannabis (or similar substances if cannabis is illegal where you are)



Cannabis Enhanced PleasureAbout Dee

Dee Dussault is the yoga first teacher to offer public cannabis-enhanced yoga classes. Over the past decade, she’s brought Ganja Yoga to thousands of students in over a dozen US cities, and authored a best-selling Harpercollins book on the topic. Her classes have been featured in publications like The New York Times, and major International media across the globe.


Dee has a Ganja Yoga Teacher Training with equity scholarships. A seasoned yoga practitioner of twenty-three years, Dee also works as a tantra-inspired sex coach (yes, best job ever). She specializes in helping women and couples explore mindful loving and cannabis-enhanced intimacy. Her training was in the Tantric tradition of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the creator of Yoga Nidra.


Learn more about Dee on her website HERE 

Sign up for Dee’s 4/20 EVENT HERE

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  1. I have always experienced that body stretches best after having a joint, Ganja, yoga and intimacy goes hand in hand would love to learn more from an experienced person like you

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