Healing Through Relationships

Relationships can often bring up our deepest and most challenging wounds. Because of cultural “norms” polyamorous and ethically non-monogamous relationships can bring even more challenges to navigate. So how and where can we learn to “ride the waves” of relationship and transform those potential breakdowns into profoundly healing breakthroughs?

Join Devi Ward Erickson, and sexual liberation extraordinaire, Brittany Policastro for a deep dive into the healing aspects of conscious relationships and the healing power of non-monogamy.

Listeners will learn how to:

  • Heal through the lens of relationships
  • Remaining sovereign within your relationships
  • Sustaining your relationship with yourself (both sexually and intimately) while connecting with another
  • How multiple partnerships can be deeply fulfilling and also very challenging
  • How owning our shit is key to healing and creating supportive relationships
  • The difference between rules and boundaries


About Brittany

Brittany has been facilitating transformation for the past 18 years while showing others that living your life authentically can often look different than society expects of us. In addition to being polyamorous, kink positive, bisexual and child-free, she’s a Sexual Liberation and Relationship Coach, a Sexologist, a Practitioner of Authentic Tantra ® {PROV}, a writer and a yoga teacher.

Over the past 18 years Brittany has guided thousands of people into releasing the stories that stifle them and healing the wounds and stigmas that define them so that they can live an orgasmic, authentic life in every possible way.

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About Brittany’s upcoming course “Integrated Love”

When we have the tools we can move through relationships with greater ease, more empathy and a deeper accountability for the things we would otherwise blame on our partners. This leads to more harmony, better sex, and an overall ease in our relating.

The program begins October 5. For more details and to save your spot for the program CLICK HERE

As a special bonus for our Tantra Community Brittany is offering a 15% discount OFF the program. Just use code TANTRA15 at checkout!

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