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Herbal Formula for Restoring Male Jing


Herbal medicine works well alongside or independent from the standard Western medical approach. Chinese Herbs are naturally very effective with very few negative side effects and generally do not interfere with prescription medications.


This formula has 3 parts:

#1- The first part consists of standard Qi and blood tonics including astragalus and Rehmannia.

#2- The second part is composed of yang tonics to more actively restore devastated yang and benefit the jing, using fo-ti, ashwaghanda, and ginseng.

#3-The third part is a flavor component with ginger and licorice.

Directions for use:


1. Take approximately 1 tablespoon (5g) of the herb powder and place it into a teacup.

2. Boil water and pour the water into the cup, stir it up and allow the herbs to settle and brew into tea.

3. Drink the tea once it has cooled sufficiently.

4. Add more cool water and stir up the remaining herb powder so that it is suspended in the water. Quickly drink all the water to consume the remaining herb powder. If this is not possible, just add more hot water and drink the herb tea until it is flavorless.

5. Take one dose of herbs 2-3 times per day until symptoms resolve.

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