How to Heal Body Shame and Feel More “Body-Love”

According to recent studies, approximately 91% of cis-gender women are unhappy with their bodies. I too have spent most of my life at war with my physical body, attempting to starve and “cleanse” it into an idealized concept of beauty that only 5% of the population represents.


But all that has changed for me recently. I no longer feel a need to punish my body for not conforming to Hollywood’s standards of beauty. I no longer need to starve, cleanse, or raw food my body into submission. I have jiggles, and cellulite, and stretch marks, and a big, giant, juicy butt that doesn’t fit into a size 6 pair of jeans anymore, and for the first time in my life, I DON’T HATE MYSELF because of this.


Now I look in the mirror and see beauty in the swells and curves. The ROUNDNESS of my belly, my hips, my thighs has become a thing to admire, as opposed to a source of self-recrimination and disgust.


So, I wanted to talk about this new found inner peace and body acceptance. How did I go from feeling tortured by and hating my body, to feeling peace, ease, and body -love?


Join me and my friend and colleague, Rosie Bitts as we discuss how to free yourself from the shackles of body shame that this society imposes upon us, and her upcoming book project “Body-Love”.


We discuss:

  • The origins of body shame and how society conditions us for self-hatred
  • The role that trauma plays in body shame
  • How the “wellness” industry reinforces body shame
  • Healing your brain with diversity
  • How our partner’s influence body shame and acceptance
  • How 5 Element Tantra has helped heal our body shame 


Tune in to this AASECT award winning show!



About Rosie

Rosie Bitts is a multi-award winning performer, producer, author, educator and Tantrika. She is one of the pioneers who brought the art form of burlesque to Vancouver Island and has since taught hundreds of women this beautiful and fun creative art form as well as performing for thousands of people across N.America.  She is a certified practitioner of Authentic Tantra (one of the only government certified programs in the world), a sexologist and pleasure activist and has loved mixing Tantra into both her personal and professional life.

Aside from performing and creating, Rosie’s passion is teaching people how to connect with their inner sexy, love their bodies, and lead their most sensual and fulfilled lives. She offers classes, workshops and retreats online and all over the world.

Learn more about Rosie on her website HERE
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