How To Meditate With Ease and Efficacy!

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How does one actually meditate? Grab some coffee and enjoy as our Founder @deviwarderickson discusses how you can meditate with ease!

Devi has been practicing Eastern-based mindfulness practices since 1998 and Tibetan 5 Element Tantra since 2008.

In the video below, Devi explains how to meditate with ease and answers all of your questions about quieting your mind, feeling frustrated with your meditation practice, and more!

As you may have noticed, when you first begin your meditation practice, and at alternate times throughout, you may find yourself having LOTS of thoughts, almost as if you are having more thoughts now than when you began. But that is not actually the case…

Through the practice of meditation you are cultivating a deeper level of awareness, and are simply becoming conscious of the thoughts that you were previously unaware of.

A helpful analogy for meditation is this:
At first when you begin your meditation practice the thoughts may seem overwhelming, like a waterfall or deluge of thinking and thought streams.

Then as you continue your practice, the waterfall slows to a stream, and then a slow trickle.

Then you become aware of the great expanse of mind, like the ocean.

Then you dive into the depths of the ocean and swim.

So have patience and enjoy the journey of coming back to yourself through

Watch Devi explain how to meditate with ease below:


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