IATE Financing Options

Third-party financing options are available for Phase #1 and Phase #2 of the Authentic Tantra Certification Program.

Receive benefits such as:

Extended payment plans up to 60 months

Monthly payments as low as $148 per month for Phase #1!

Monthly payments as low as $210 for Phase #2!

No Down payment/100% financing

Receive an answer in under 2 minutes

All credit types are welcome to apply. Credit scores as low as 580 accepted

Loans can be paid off anytime with zero penalties.

Checking your offers is free and will not impact your credit score

Note: Terms and monthly payments are subject to credit approval and may vary based on individual credit profile. US Residents only.

Tips For A Succesful Loan Application (From the Lenders):

#1. Click the button below to view the loan application page.

#2. IMPORTANT: Choose “Major Purchases” from the loan purpose menu.

#3. Loan approval is based on your personal credit history. It is recommended that you initially secure funding for ONLY the amount needed for each phase of your training.

Example: If you have not started Tantra Mastery/Phase #1 yet, then apply ONLY for the amount needed to complete Phase #1. This will help you build your credit profile with the lender so that you can successfully receive funding for Phase #2.

#4. If you have completed Phase #1 {Tantra Mastery} it is recommended that you apply ONLY for the amount you will need for Phase #2 tuition + in-person retreats as indicated in the chart below.

#5. Once you have your pre-approval rates, please return to the Phase 1/Phase 2 application page to complete your enrollment process.

#6. If your loan application has been rejected, please contact financing@authentictantra.com for support. If you have any questions about this process, please contact financing@authentictantra.com.

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Please feel free to apply to both lenders to receive the best rates and payment options

Current Program Pricing Chart:

*Price reflects a $1,000 BIPOC Scholarship

Note: Certification (Phase 2) prices include 2 mandatory retreats. Retreats are billed in USD for ALL students. 

Get Pre-Approved for Financing Now!

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*The Tantra Mastery Training Program does not require approval by the registrar of the private Training Institute Branch (PTIB). As such, the registrar did not review this program.