Welcome to the Introduction of the Authentic Tantra Certification Program!

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Certification with the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is a comprehensive program consisting of two (2) phases, taking approximately 15 months to complete. Our two-phase training process makes this the most comprehensive Tantra Practitioners Training Program available today.

PHASE #1 Webinar Bonus: 

  • Register for Phase #1 between now and June 20th and receive $100 savings PLUS- an extended early registration deadline for you. USE CODE WEBINAR517 at checkout.
  • Financing fees are waived for POC aka Global Majority


Register for Phase #1 HERE!


2023 Certification REGISTRATION Dates + Payment Plans

There will be two windows for early registration:

Window #1 = May 9th – June 17th

Window #2 = July 18th – August 31st


  • If you are eligible for Phase #2 NOW  Register between May 9th – June 17th and receive a $100 savings on your first payment.


  • For those currently in Phase #1– we are extending the early registration deadline to you when you complete phase #2 registration within 2 weeks of 13 sessions + RECEIVE $100 SAVINGS ON YOUR FIRST PAYMENT!


Register for Phase #2 HERE!


2023 Early Registration Payment Plans:

The IATE scholarship fund offers up to 2k in Scholarships to Black and other People of Color. Details can be discussed with your Phase #1 Instructor and payment details will be finalized during your Phase #2 consult.

  • Regular tuition is 10,500 USD as a one-time payment. An additional  1,000 USD financing fee is added for payment plans provided by IATE.
  • Students can make a one-time payment at any time to avoid financing fees.


1. May 9th – 30th EARLY Registration Payments:

18-month payment plan begins May 1st– May 31st, 2022, and ends October 2023

  • 11,500 USD – $639 USD per month for 18 months


2. June 1st – June 17th EARLY Registration Payments:

17-month payment plan begins June st– June 30th, 2022 and ends October, 2023

  • 11,500 USD – $676.50 USD per month for 17 months


3. JULY 1st – August 31st EARLY Registration Payments:

15-month payment plan begins August 1st st , 2022  and ends October, 2023

  • 11,500 USD – $767 USD per month for 15 months


Register for Phase #2 HERE!


2023 FALL Registration Dates:

Early Registration for 2023 ENDS 8/31/22

Fall Registration is Open September – December 1st

Please review our available payment plans for students registering between September 1st-Dec.1st

A. Single Payment Plan:

  • $10,500 tuition cost
  • $2500 deposit to confirm your registration
  • $8000 due Dec 1st, 2022

B. 10 month payment plan:

  • $11,500 tuition cost
  • $2500 deposit
  • $900/mo x 10 months Jan-Oct


2023 ATCP Program Retreats:

Fall retreat dates and locations for November 2023 are still being confirmed.


Here’s How to REGISTER for the 2023 Authentic Tantra Certification Program!


#1. CLICK HERE to fill out the Phase #2 application

#2. Schedule your Phase #2 consultation by CLICKING HERE. This link will also be provided in your application confirmation email from

#3. Your Phase #2 consultation will consist of a review of your application, a review of the program curriculum and process, and confirmation of your preferred payment plan.

#4. You can find ALL THE DETAILS about the Authentic Tantra Certification Program in our Syllabus HERE

Have questions or need support? We are happy to help 🙂 Please contact us via email HERE and we will get back to you ASAP or CALL US at 1-800-536-5802 and we will get back to you promptly.

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*The Tantra Mastery Training Program does not require approval by the registrar of the private Training Institute Branch (PTIB). As such, the registrar did not review this program.