Navigating Fear with Dr. Chris Erickson

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We invite you to join us for another FREE online Tantra Meditation class to help pacify emotions such as fear and anxiety, generate peace of mind, and boost your energetic immune system.


Dr. Chris Erickson will be leading us through a meditation and offering a discussion on the topic of navigating fear.


Dr. Erickson is a world renowned expert on the topic of fear as a political tool. It is well documented that stress works to tax the immune system. In times like these it can be helpful to reduce stress in order to reduce the load on the immune system. This can be done in a variety of ways.


Dr. Erickson will be sharing some ideas on how to navigate fear in the media and practical tools to regulate your nervous system.


Join Dr. Erickson to discuss the poetics of fear and learn methods to successfully navigate the fear based culture we are living in right now.


Watch the replay below:


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