Revisiting “Sex and Self Image” with Dr. Lexx!

Devi speaks with Dr. Alexcis Brown-James about sex and self image and how the image of ourselves that we hold can and does affect our sexuality. Devi and Dr. Lexx also discuss how sex and self-image particularly affects women of color.


In this episode Devi and Dr. Lexx discuss…

  • How our self image is under media attack, especially for people of color. 
  • Why self-image for women is determined by Men
  • Gilligan’s Theory of Morality Sexuality
  • The behaviors and acts of sex can be affected by self-image
  • Power and the notion of rejection with regard to health sexuality. 



sex and self-imageAbout Dr. Lexx

Dr. Lexx is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy located in Saint Louis, Mo.

She has a PHD in human sexuality education and is also a licensed Marriage and Family therapist who subspecializes in sex therapy. She has a passion for working with couples in conflict and women who are struggling to find their peace in life, but looks forward to educating.

Dr. Lexx won the William Stayton award for leadership in Human Sexuality. She also won first place for her presentation on black women, sexual fantasy and power. 

Visit her website HERE 


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