Period Sex. Is it Safe?

One of the most common topics of interest for females (but also one of the least talked about), is the subject of having sex on your period.


Is it safe, is it healthy, is it okay?

I did a radio show awhile back where I answered this question in detail, and shared some suggestions from alternative sexual health experts.

You can listen to the full episode here!

I also answer this question in our Facebook Live Tantra Tuesday Video.

The short answer to this question is- it’s really up to YOU and how YOU feel about it.

There are some natural health “issues” to be aware of such as; reversing the downward voiding wind current, and the potential imbalance of your “sexual chi” (I explain all of this in detail in this episode), but again-this is YOUR body, and if you feel desire it may be that sexual pleasure and/or intercourse is actually medicine for you at that particular moment.

The most important “thing” in my opinion, is to be deeply connected to the inherent wisdom of your body.

Your body knows what it needs, when it needs it.

Just like when you are hungry, and you are craving a certain food, (like sushi!) it’s usually because you need some nutrient specific to that food, so you “hunger/desire” for it.

I think same applies to sex on your period.

I personally am not a big fan of it, because I really enjoy taking that time to rest, and bleed, and let my body do it’s thing. But on occasion I will have a “craving” for it, and I take that as an indication that perhaps I “need” the nutrient of sexual pleasure– be it with myself or a partner.

So to sum it up, the best advice I can give is to:

A) Yes-be informed about possible health concerns and such. If you are into natural health and medicine, find out what some of the experts in these ancient fields of study have to say. (I mention these in the video below, FYI).

B) Educate yourself about different perspectives on menstruation i.e. that it’s actually a potentially wonderful and magical event every month, filled with beauty and creative potential (obviously my perspective!)

C) Ultimately, listen to your body! If you want sex, then have sex, but if you really don’t want sex, don’t try to force yourself, because you think you “should”.

Of course that goes for ANY circumstance really, both sexual and non-sexual. As Dr. Marshall Rosenberg says- it’s not nice to “should” on yourself!

Find out about when it is not recommended to have sex on your period in this video.


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