Secrets of a Sex Worker

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This week on Sex Is Medicine, I, Devi Ward Erickson, speak with model and escort, Amy Taylor, about the secret life of a sex worker. Given the current climate of revolution in the US and the spotlight that is being put upon systematic racism and police brutality, I wanted to air this episode because it further shines a light on the how the current system preys upon the most marginalized people in our society.

In this episode, Amy describes her experience of being “busted” by the police, an event which consisted of being held down on the floor with a gun to her head.

She also describes her experience of navigating the social justice system as an upper-middle class white woman, and the blatant racism of a criminal justice system designed to penalize people of color, immigrants, disabled, and trans people. Amy also described, before the show, how many of her clients are the wealthy and powerful men who benefit from this system of marginalization, and the deep and abiding racism and disgust many of them have for the very people they are meant to “serve”.

My thoughts listening to this episode were “OMG. If they are willing to do this to a white woman, just imagine what they are doing to the rest of us!”.

Join us for an insightful look behind the scenes of a high-end escort and model.


Watch the interview below:



About Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor is the an exclusive companion based in the United States. She is an MBA, a commercial pilot, a several-time cover model on Playboy, Maxim, FHM, L’Officiel, and inside Esquire, GQ, and Sports Illustrated. When she’s not in front of the camera, she’s enjoying the sunny skies flying, keeping fit at her gym in Los Angeles, or at the beach playing with her dog.

You can also find her on Instagram HERE 
OR visit her website HERE
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