Sexual Healing For Women ~ The Masculine Perspective

Join Devi Ward Erickson and CATP and ACS certified sexologists, Brion Craig, Vayne Thomas, and Dr. Chris Erickson for an unfiltered conversation about sexual healing for cis-gendered women.

Tune in to learn:
  • Why is sexual healing for women important?
  • How does it feel to support a woman through that process?
  • What methods and techniques do you use for healing?
  • What needs to be healed for women? What have you seen?
  • What is one thing women could do to help you help us in this process?
Watch the full interview below:

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Authentic Tantra Certified PractitionersGet Vayne Thomas Jr.’s book HERE

Vayne is an Authentic Tantra® Practitioner, Professional Transformational Speaker, Relationship Coach, Author and Entrepreneur. He is the author of Making a Comeback: From Monster to Man available on Amazon.


Authentic Tantra Certified PractitionersLearn more about Brion Craig HERE 

Brion and Karen share a passion in helping men, women and couples rediscover their power, authenticity and capacity for deep connection, intimacy and love.

They are Certified Sexologists and Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioners and Coaches, as well as Life and Relationship Coaches. As trained and experienced Transformational Retreat Facilitators, they offer Tantra coaching and instruction through retreats, as well as through group workshops and individual coaching.



Learn more about Dr. Erickson HERE 

Dr. Erickson is an accomplished Vajrayana Tantra practitioner, and one of the most advanced male Tantric practitioners in North America.

He is deeply interested in weaving his academic understanding of society with his wisdom as a Tantric practitioner.

Dr. Erickson specializes in teaching Tibetan Buddhist Meditation theory and practice, cultivating mindful presence through pleasure, and mastering the art of semen retention.

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