Shamanistic Abortion Healing Ritual

The stigmatization of abortion fosters feelings of guilt and shame from many womb owner’s. These feelings of guilt and shame can impede our ability to fully heal from and release the experience of abortion, and can foster illness later in life.

And yet, as womb owner’s, it is OUR choice, and only OUR individual choice, about whether or not it is in our highest good to bring forth another being into this world.

In a time when our reproductive rights are quite literally under attack, it is our time as womb owner’s to take our voice back. This means freeing ourselves from ANY guilt, shame, or blame associated with the choices we have made concerning our reproductive health.

Shamanistic practices can help release the conscious and unconscious emotions we may still be harboring about abortion, and free us from the burden of culturally imposed guilt and shame.

Find out:


  • What is a shamanistic abortion healing ritual?


  • Where did this practice come from?


  • Who would be best served by having this work?


  • The health impact of unreleased guilt


  • What carrying heavy burdens can do to your sexual and reproductive health


  • How you can free yourself from the burden of culturally imposed shame.


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shamanistic abortion healing ritualELENA SALAZAR | SHAMANIC HEALER

Elena Salazar has been in the healing arts for over 22 years. For the past 13 years, she has traveled to Peru to apprentice with the indigenous shamans and learn the ways of plant medicine. Elena’s passion is to heal the wounds that bind us and help her clients know that within us all, is pure love and light. In 2015, Elena was granted permission by a Peruvian Shaman to bring a womb healing ritual to the United States. This ceremony offers women who have experienced the loss of an unborn child the time and space to fully heal.

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