How Stress Affects Your Orgasm!

What we accept as normal stress actually affects our ability to enjoy sex and reach orgasm. Daily stress can and will affect your ability to orgasm.

Can you remember the last time you tried your hardest to push out a big O and it just wouldn’t happen? Well maybe your body wasn’t prepared for pleasure yet…

What kind of emotional state were you in? How comfortable and confident were you in that situation?

If you were stressed and had other priorities in the moment than pleasure, it’s no mystery why your body wasn’t able to relax enough for orgasm.

Relaxation and openness plays a huge part in the body’s arousal cycle and ability to orgasm.

Understanding the affect of stress on your bodily function and perception of pleasure is not commonly sought after information, until we get sick and need help healing stress induced illnesses.

Stress Induced Illnesses include:
• Heart disease, the #1 killer in the US
• Asthma
• Obesity
• Migraines
• Diabetes
• Depression
• Erectile dysfunction
• GI disease

In the cloudiness of living our high paced lives, it’s easy to walk around stressed out when we’ve gotten used to the feelings of being tense, fidgety, hyperactive, headaches, and shallow breathing.

Let’s not forget the functional affects of stress which include…
• Inability to orgasm
• Random body pain
• Disconnected sex
• Agitation/ short temper

Stress varies in degrees and is actually a healthy part of our functioning. What isn’t healthy, is when our body can’t process stressful stimulus to completion. Stressful and traumatic events can throw off the natural regulatory mechanism of our nervous system and we become energetically imbalanced.

When there’s imbalance, the Mind, body, and sex don’t act in accordance.

Life involves a normal amount of stress…we have to survive during commute, make money, take care of kids and pets. Anyone that depends on our time and ability can stress us out, but we do have the ability to manage stress and bring more balance and pleasure to our lives..

If you struggle with managing your stress and need professional support, perhaps Tantra is the right medicine for you. Find out more here


Stress can range from normal, mild, moderate, severe, to Extremely Severe. Interested in knowing your level of Stress?

You can take the DASS test (Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale) HERE

As most of us know by now, life involves shit happening. Sometimes this shit changes our perceptions, thought patterns, and physiology…creating pathways for behaviors that don’t serve us. It’s frustrating being stuck in your own bad habits when you know better, but maybe you haven’t had enough support or tools to make long-term improvements.

Whether it be major traumatic events, or repeated occurrences of negative conditioning, our experiences in life and ability to cope with them dictates our perception of reality.

Start listening to your body…tension, shallow breathing, perceived stress, migraines, lack of pleasure and Orgasm…all these and more are manifestations of stress in the body. The say stress is a silent killer but I invite you to listen a little harder and you’ll hear that it’s whispering your needs.



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