Can better sex improve your life?

Let’s be honest…sex is an important part of what makes an intimate relationship, well… intimate.


And, whether we want to admit it or not- love AND sex are both areas where most of us could use some extra help.


Whether you’d like to improve your sex life by having more sex more often, deeper connection, more pleasure and orgasms, or even just feel comfortable talking about sex with your partner, it’s an area in which many people don’t feel entirely satisfied.

Statistics Show:

  • As many as 70% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm during intercourse.


  • More than 43% of women report some type of sexual dysfunction.


  • 80% of women have faked orgasms, and many report doing so regularly.
  • 9 out of 10 couples report a desire for greater intimacy in and out of the bedroom.


Regardless of your sexual orientation, the lack of healthy sex education can leave both partners fumbling around in the dark, on their search for mutually satisfying pleasure.


These unfulfilling sexual experiences can result in both partners feeling unsatisfied, which can damage intimate relationships over time, and may contribute to some forms of sexual dysfunction.

  • 65% of men ejaculate within the first 2-7 minutes of penetration


  • 71% of men express a desire to last longer


  •  70% of men suffer from, or will suffer from, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction

Luckily there is help!


The ancient and modern sexual “science” of Tantra understands the core of these sexual issues, and can therefore apply effective methods (i.e. medicine!) to easily and rapidly transform them.


By working together as a couple with the guidance of a qualified Tantra Practitioner, you will have the opportunity to address specific issues that may be preventing you from experiencing the mutual pleasure and satisfaction you desire in your sex life.


Thank you for your time and experience. I started this journey with my husband to discover a few things:

1. How to be more assertive/aggressive in the bedroom
2. Discover what I like and what pleases me sexually
3. Learn to relax more


You made the exercises fun and light which helped with my nervousness. You didn’t mind explaining things and the demonstrations helped a lot. I really appreciate the tools that were given to me to improve my relationship and look forward to exploring more areas of myself with my husband. Variety is what keeps a marriage alive and fun for both partners and it takes two to commit. With a teacher/coach dedicated to have us transform our relationship, be happy and also learn who we are as individuals and as a couple is a blessing.


Thanks again for everything you taught us as we begin to create a new path into understanding and sharing our true sexual desires.


Tantra for Couples gives you practical, effective tools for:


  • Deepening emotional connection
  • Enhancing sexual intimacy
  • Cultivating a “Sacred Relationship”
  • Healing sexual trauma
  • Awakening the G-spot in Women & Men
  • Awakening over 11 female orgasms
  • Awakening multiple orgasms for men
  • Healing sexual dysfunction
  • Cultivating healthy communication

A thriving sex life can be vital to the health of your relationship!

Tantra is the perfect ‘tool’ to enhance your intimate connection if you:


  • Crave more intimacy, passion and pleasure- in AND out of the bedroom.


  • You want your sex to feel “sacred” and experience a communion of body and soul.


  • You yearn for a slower, more sensual intimate connection


  • You desire more sensation, more pleasure, and easy, effortless, multiple orgasms for both of you!


How would having a more fulfilling sex life improve the rest of your life?

How would it affect your relationship?


Your family life?


How about your physical health & happiness?


What if you could have the sex life you fantasize about?


What would that be worth to you?

My Wife and I did our couples session with Devi and it was an amazing, very enlightening and fun experience. Devi loves to laugh and her smile just emanates warmth, a sense of comfort, and trust.


Devi’s style of coaching, training and knowledge made our sessions extremely rewarding. Her passion toward her work and her humor made our learning very enjoyable.


My Wife and I gained skills, techniques and although we’ve both been out of school for years having homework or more accurately “home-play” has added another (deeper) layer of intimacy to our relationship. We’ve learned to interact not only on a physical level but also connect on an energetic, and spiritual level that’s new and exciting for us.


We look forward to continuing with Devi in the future, experiencing her live workshops and taking our tantric practices to the next stage of growth and development.


Devi is clearly a skilled and talented instructor, coach and tantra expert. Those qualities and her radiant energy have created a positive impact in our relationship and our lives.


Thank you for who you are Devi.

~ CT


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