Yes. Tantra is Political

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Is Tantra political? Yes, yes it is. Buddhist Tantra has been a revolutionary philosophy from its inception.


In Passionate Enlightenment, author Miranda Shaw describes Tantric Buddhism as “a protest movement” that addressed issues of social justice in Indian society during the Pala period of India (8th-12th century AD).


Issues of social, racial and sexual justice are even more prevalent today than they were two thousand years ago. 


The very basis of Buddhist Tantric philosophy is the belief that every human life is precious and each and every human being has the right and potential opportunity to realize their Ultimate Nature.


Social, racial, economic, and other forms of inequality make this journey of self-realization  more difficult and even impossible for some.


Tantra is political and Tantric methods, yoga practices are tools which can help balance the scales of inequality.  


The Tantric methods of movement, meditation, connection, PLEASURE can heal the trauma of injustice and help to reclaim every human beings birthright to openness, peace, joy, clarity, and BLISS. 


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