Why Every Man Needs A Sex Class…


We love men here at Authentic Tantra®


One of the traits we love most about men is their desire to please the women that they love.


Unfortunately, there are very few resources out there for you guys to learn how to truly please a woman in bed, and the resources that are available, are usually very misleading.


Chances are you are doing the best you can to bring your female partner ecstatic sexual bliss but still fall short of that elusive mark.


Then add to the equation issues with ejaculatory control or ED, and wow! That’s a lot to manage during an experience that is supposed to be purely pleasurable.


Chances are YOU are not experiencing all the pleasure you would like to, much less your partner.


  • What if there was a source for accurate and reliable information about female pleasure and orgasm?


  • What if that same source gave you effective tools for lasting as long as you wanted?


  • What if you were able to give her multiple orgasms, and have them right along with her?


Welcome to the world of Authentic Tantra®!


This 13 session Tantric “Master Class” gives you personal, one-on-one guidance in understanding the powerful healing mechanics of sexual intimacy and pleasure.

  • Decode female anatomy and learn to use pleasure to medicine
  • Awaken the 11 different orgasms for women
  • Control ejaculation and heal PE and ED forever
  • Learn Tantric exercises to build powerful sexual charge
  • Use your sexual energy to manifest high-quality women
  • Heal trauma and unlock your multi orgasmic potential
  • Cultivate mental clarity, focus, and power
  • Identify and process emotions quickly and effectively with Non-Violent Communication

How the Tantra Mastery for Men program works:

The Tantra Mastery course consists of 13-one hour sessions taught over Skype or Zoom, designed to guide you step-by-step through the process of integrating Authentic Tantra® methods into your life.


You’ll begin by choosing one of our knowledgeable Authentic Tantra® Mastery Coaches to work with.


You and your coach will meet online for one hour each week where you’ll be given personal instruction in Authentic Tantra® techniques and receive personal support.  


The course will be customized to your unique needs and goals, and each lesson will build upon the last.


You’ll have weekly homework assignments. As you practice these techniques you will begin to experience more pleasure, clarity, enjoyment, balance, openness, and bliss in your life.

In this 13-session training you will learn:

[service_table title=”Skills for You” title_tag=”h3″ title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon=”fa-diamond” icon_size=”fa-2x” title_background_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.9)” icon_color=”#fcb040″ content_background_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.9)”]

  • Ancient Secrets to Lasting Longer
  • The 4 Methods of Semen Retention
  • The 4 Stages of Becoming Multi Orgasmic
  • Taoist Sexual Health & Chi Building Exercises
[service_table title=”Relationship Skills” title_tag=”h3″ title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon=”fa-unlock” icon_size=”fa-2x” title_background_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.9)” icon_color=”#fcb040″ content_background_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.9)”]

  • Creating Epic Intimacy with Tantric Union Techniques
  • Awakening The Over 11 Kinds of Female Orgasm
  • Explorations into Sexual Healing
  • Transforming Conflict into Empowerment with NVC
[service_table title=”Skills for Your Life” title_tag=”h3″ title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon=”fa-graduation-cap” icon_size=”fa-2x” title_background_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.9)” icon_color=”#fcb040″ content_background_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.9)”]

  • Using Pleasure as Medicine
  • Using Sexual Energy for Manifestation
  • Somatic Healing Techniques for Awakening Pleasure
  • Tibetan Meditations for Healing & Energizing Body Mind & Spirit

Your program includes:

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-diamond” icon_type=”transparent” title_font_weight=”400″ icon_color=”#fcb040″ title=”13 hours of personalized, one-on-one coaching in the 4 Pillars of Authentic Tantra methods to awaken, heal, and reveal your full sexual potential” title_size=”30″ title_color=”#2b2b2b”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-diamond” icon_type=”transparent” title_font_weight=”400″ icon_color=”#fcb040″ title=”Ongoing guidance and support necessary for removing your “blocks to bliss” and uncovering your sexual power!” title_size=”30″ title_color=”#2b2b2b”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-diamond” icon_type=”transparent” title_font_weight=”400″ icon_color=”#fcb040″ title=”12 month access to the Ejaculation Mastery For Men Video Training” title_size=”30″ title_color=”#2b2b2b”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-diamond” icon_type=”transparent” title_font_weight=”400″ icon_color=”#fcb040″ title=”12 month access to your Tantra Mastery training vault, filled with online and video support materials” title_size=”30″ title_color=”#2b2b2b”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-diamond” icon_type=”transparent” title_font_weight=”400″ icon_color=”#fcb040″ title=”TheraWand for Prostate Massage” title_size=”30″ title_color=”#2b2b2b”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-diamond” icon_type=”transparent” title_font_weight=”400″ icon_color=”#fcb040″ title=”The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid” title_size=”30″ title_color=”#2b2b2b”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-diamond” icon_type=”transparent” title_font_weight=”400″ icon_color=”#fcb040″ title=”Tantra Texbook with all of your program content” title_size=”30″ title_color=”#2b2b2b”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-diamond” icon_type=”transparent” title_font_weight=”400″ icon_color=”#fcb040″ title=”Recordings of each session and guided meditation recordings” title_size=”30″ title_color=”#2b2b2b”]


made in 2 payments of $1500



as a one time payment and save $200!
PLEASE NOTE: Payments made via PayPal invoices from the company name: Institute of Authentic Tantra Education

But Does It Work?


Here’s what our clients are saying…

“Thank you for guiding me on my journey.”


“Devi, it is a pleasure to work with you. Your passion for healing the soul, the spirit and the heart is unmistakable. Your flow is calming and energizing at the same time.


The space you create for learning, contemplation and growth is sincere and embracing. I truly appreciate the tantric knowledge you have shared with me. Thank you for guiding me on this journey. Looking forward to the future.”


 – Brian, NV

“When I finally decided to get off my high horse and hire a Tantra instructor I had been practicing seminal retention and the cultivation of sexual energy for about nine months.


I had initially started my practice because I was fighting with erectile dysfunction, and I wanted to cultivate the sexual energy for my spiritual practice. My practice, however, was frustrating and painful due to ongoing blue balls. I was still having problems with ED and now it seemed that I also had problems with premature ejaculation. To add to my problem, I was sexually frustrated because I had only orgasmed 3 times in that nine-month period.


I got over myself and hired an Authentic Tantra Coach for the Sexual Mastery for Men program. She taught me the lock/block/hold method, how to get in-tune with my pleasure scale, and how to relax into the pleasure. My blue balls disappeared, I started being able to get erections, the PE went away, and I was having multiple orgasms a week.


Now I was faced with a different problem…my wife was asking me to stop when I went too long instead of asking me to pass her the vibrator so she could finish herself off. Under my coach’ guidance, I have now been able to have a hands free non-ejaculatory orgasm. I’m still working on mastering this but it’s happening. My tantra path is still new, and I still have a lot to learn, but without my Authentic Tantra Coach I wouldn’t even know where the path was.”


-Ryan, Canada

“Simply put…THIS PROGRAM WORKS!!! It healed somatic wounds. It resolved lifelong chronic pain. It helped me communicate and connect more deeply in my intimate relationship with my girlfriend.


I learned what it means to connect to my own sexuality in order to engage more deeply with others. I was able to implement and expand the pleasures in my own life including and beyond the bedroom. Through the ancient practice of semen retention I gained more energy, focus, and drive.


Work is better! And my play life is AWESOME!


If you’re a skeptic of what the program might do for you know, too, that I also had a strong douse of healthy skepticism! I made the leap and invested my time, energy, and resources into “Sexual Mastery for Men” and I am so fortunate that I did. Practicing what I learned here subtly yet POWERFULLY changed my life and empowered me to take control of my sexual life and transform history of physical and emotional pure into more abundant pleasure.




What’s The Cost?

[service_table title=”Tantra Program” title_tag=”h3″ title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon_size=”fa-lg” title_color=”#dd9933″]

  • Duration: 12 session training = lifetime results
  • Cost: $3000
  • Side Effects: Confidence, control, bliss, relationship satisfaction, improved sexual, physical, mental health


[service_table title=”Prescription Viagra” title_tag=”h3″ title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon_size=”fa-lg” title_color=”#dd9933″]

  • Duration: 3x’s per week @$23 per pill
  • Cost: 1 year supply $3,312
  • Side Effects: Muscle pain, diarrhea, bloody nose, headache, insomnia, loss of bladder control, stomach pain, depression, nausea, vomiting, inability to orgasm, and more!


[service_table title=”Prescription Cialis” title_tag=”h3″ title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon_size=”fa-lg” title_color=”#dd9933″]

  • Duration: 3x’s per week @$43 per pill
  • Cost: 1 year supply $6,192
  • Side Effects: Headaches, nausea, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, memory deterioration, muscle or back pain, dizziness, blurred vision, chest pain, abnormal liver function, eye disease, kidney disease, and much, much more!


[service_table title=”Doing Nothing” title_tag=”h3″ title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon_size=”fa-lg” title_color=”#dd9933″]

  • Duration: The rest of your life
  • Cost: Your happiness
  • Side Effects: Lack of sex, grouchy unsatisfied partners, depression, low self-esteem, increased sexual dysfunction due to emotional stress and baggage


Please note ~ Payment plans for the 13 session Tantra Mastery Training are available and will be discussed during your free consultation 🙂

How your intake works:



Your Unique Sexual Identity?

Your Values & Your Boundaries?



Devi Ward Erickson is an internationally recognized Tantra Expert, Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Meditation Instructor, and has been teaching meditation and personal growth workshops for over 17 years.


She is an author and Host of Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward Podcast on Itunes and tunein.com. She has been featured as a Tantra and Female Sexuality Expert in countless articles and over 30 different radio and television networks world-wide including Playboy Radio, Men’s Health Magazine, CBS, NBC and Rogers TV and the movie Sexology with Gabrielle Anwar and Catherine Oxenberg.


Devi specializes in using NVC, meditation, somatic healing, and sensual movement to heal trauma, cultivate profound connection, and reawaken your full sexual potential.


**Please note, there is an additional $500 Tantra expert fee added to the cost of the program when working one-on-one with Devi Ward Erickson.




Marci Weinstein is a Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner and has been teaching and facilitating group workshops on Tantra, Deepening Pleasure and Intimacy and Communication & Connection since 2012. As a Personal Transformation Catalyst, she helps guide others to release what no longer serves them, discover their authentic selves, and expand what’s possible in their lives.


After 20+ years of study and commitment to personal development and self-improvement, Marci is now passionate about sharing the path of self-love, self-acceptance, pleasure, intimacy, and spiritual growth. She has additional background in sexual energetics, authentic relating, NVC (Non-Violent Communication), hypnosis, hands-on healing, and personal coaching. After experiencing her own personal healing, growth and empowerment as a participant in the Authentic Tantra Certification Program in 2015, she is now dedicated to sharing this powerful program with others so they too can experience greater freedom, joy, connection and pleasure in their lives and relationships.


Marci continues her Dharma study and practice under the direction of Lama Tashi. She is a devoted Dakini who finds her greatest joy in providing loving and compassionate service for others along their personal path. Marci lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she’s also the co-owner of Glow Spa for the past 15 years.



Alaina Salks comes to Authentic Tantra with a diverse educational and professional background. She is a poet, writer and artist, as well as an avid plant enthusiast. Her love of communication, arts and the natural world imbues her teaching style with grounded, loving, nurturing energy.


Alaina has been a full-time stepmother since 2011, and is well acquainted with the challenges of raising children in a non-traditional family. She understands the difficulty of maintaining a connected emotional and sexual relationship with one’s partner while raising a family in the wake of divorce. She brings this understanding to her work with individuals and couples, who struggle to connect with their partners under challenging circumstances.


After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from the University of Pittsburgh, Alaina joined the US Forest Service as a ranger in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains of California. For two years she walked among the world’s oldest trees.


In her decades long journey of spiritual exploration, she studied nonviolent communication, yoga and Vipassana meditation, but was ultimately led to practice Tantra and Vajrayana Buddhism. Through practicing Authentic Tantra, she has seen incredible transformation and growth in herself and her students. She lives with her husband and stepdaughters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.



Karen Craig, B.Msc., J.D., is co-owner of Live Heal Thrive Retreats™ and Explore the Art of Tantra™, along with her husband, Brion E. Craig, B.Msc. Through individual and group coaching and workshops, as well as through fun, powerful and transformative global retreats, they help men, women and couples rediscover their power, authenticity and capacity for deep connection, intimacy and love. Karen is a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Certified Authentic Tantra® Educator and Practitioner, as well as a Certified Sexologist.


While in college, during which she received a B.A. degree in political science, Karen began her self-study and practice in various metaphysical modalities, including acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology and massage therapy. After college, she went on to law school and earned her Juris Doctor degree. Following graduation, she became a trial attorney and later a Judge. Her interest and study of Tantra began in the 1990’s, when she was introduced to Tantra through books authored by Margot Annand. She completed her formal Tantra training and certification from the Institute of Authentic Tantra® Education, where she is now on the teaching staff as a Tantra Mastery instructor. She holds a second bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science and is currently working toward her Ph.D. in Holistic Counseling, with a second concentration in Relationship Dynamics. Karen has also completed training in Trauma Treatment from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine and is a trained ho’oponopono practitioner. Her approach to practice is to utilize an array of modalities based on ancient wisdom and indigenous practices, combined with cutting edge approaches, to guide individuals and couples on their journey to experiencing wholeness and pleasure in all areas of life.


Karen is also the proud mother of a son and daughter, as well as three stepsons with her husband Brion.

Dr. Chris Erickson


Dr. Erickson began practicing Authentic Tantra in 2014 and quickly realized the power and efficacy of this potent healing modality.


Using the techniques as instructed, Dr. Erickson swiftly mastered the art of semen retention, becoming a fully multi orgasmic male within just a few weeks!


Chris has dedicated his time and energy as a volunteer for every Certification Retreat since 2014, supporting students of all genders in gaining greater mastery in the art of mindfulness and somatic healing practices.


Dr. Erickson is an accomplished Vajrayana Tantra practitioner, and one of the most advanced male Tantric practitioners in North America.

He is deeply interested in weaving his academic understanding of society with his wisdom as a Tantric practitioner.


Dr. Erickson specializes in teaching Tibetan Buddhist Meditation theory and practice, cultivating mindful presence through pleasure, and mastering the art of semen retention.


BA (University of British Columbia; International Relations, Philosophy), MA (Bond University; Philosophy), Ph.D (University of Massachusetts Amherst; Political Science), Director and Senior Educational Administrator of IATE (and Muse to Devi Ward Erickson)


Please fill out this consultation form to schedule your free consultation.

The consultation is approximately 20-30 minutes and is an opportunity for you to make a connection with your chosen coach, deepen your understanding of how the program works, and ask any questions you may have.

Consultations are for informational purposes only. There will be no Tantric instruction or techniques shared.


Registration for the Tantra Mastery Training opens January 2nd, 2020.

Once you and your chosen coach have agreed to your program schedule, you will be sent an invoice via PayPal.

* Payment of this invoice confirms your Tantra Mastery Coaching Program and any associated materials will be mailed out to you on the next business day.

* Please note- Invoices will come from the company name Institute of Authentic Tantra Education.

The Tantra Mastery for Men Program is about creating long-term, LIFE-time results, and though chances are you will see instant results, this is not about instant gratification.


It is about giving you the tools you need to create a sustainable, life-long practice for sexual healing, personal satisfaction, and sexual empowerment.


“Homework” is an essential component of this program. You will spend approximately 1 -2 hours, 3-4 days per week doing your Tantra homework assignments.


This is an investment of time and money, and we encourage you to think of this as an investment in your life, your health, your relationships, and your personal growth…because it is!

Once you have the tools, it’s up to you to use them.

Tantra Mastery for Men is designed for the modern man by Devi Ward Erickson. The methods you will learn in this program have been taught to hundreds of men around the world, with great success!
We can honestly say this is the most effective and transformational Tantra Coaching Program available.
If you are looking for a program that takes you DEEP, gives you highly effective tools for transforming your sexual reality, and gives you the confidence, control, and skill you have always wanted, This. Is. It.
Schedule your free consultation now! 
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*The Tantra Mastery Training Program does not require approval by the registrar of the private Training Institute Branch (PTIB). As such, the registrar did not review this program.