Tantric Healing For Men

In honor of #NoNutNovember, Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner, Courtney Garner wanted to shine some light on the lack of male healers and sexual chi masters out there. 

Courtney shares “As a female tantra practitioner with many male clients, I see how effective and transformative Tantra is for men, especially when they need healing in the sexual arena. I’m happy to be a female teacher, helping male bodies master ejaculation and harness chi for healing, but there’s a need for the masculine energy in the healing world!

As a service to #NoNutNovember  I’d like to ask the men out there, how would one HOLD his nut and…. are you still having orgasms throughout this time? 

What If I said you can still have all the O’s without draining your hose?

If a man feels depleted after ejaculation, he’s probably doing it too frequently. That can also lead to low libido, dysfunction, no function.

I know they teach energy drain as a normal effect of “cumming” but that’s more miseducation.

Men who practice semen retention get charged up after orgasm and CAN keep going once they become multi-orgasmic and start to master ejaculation completley.


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“A man who holds his juice holds the world in his hands!” -CG


Redefining Masculinity

It’s true that women are naturally heart-centered and nurturing, hence our beautiful list of female practitioners; but as a tantrica, my love for men has grown and I see they have the same capacity to love openly, be compassionate, heal trauma AND be multi-orgasmic.

I think it’s more of a human thing than a woman thing.

Men just haven’t been allowed the space to heal and process emotions.

We’ve been taught that we’re so different. Even us women have had a part in shutting down men for expressing emotions and pain, hell, we all need healing!

A change is coming…

We’re in the midst of drastic social changes, and it seems every day we hear about more reports of sexual assault and rape.

It’s a necessary conversation that’s been restarted with the hashtag #metoo, giving women support to speak up and demand change.

Let’s celebrate that women are healing trauma by allowing themselves a voice, a NO, and demanding respect and equality.

Let’s also point out that this has sparked confusion and fear because men simply don’t know how to go about female interaction in a mutually gratifying way.

I believe a deeper connection with self, and developing compassion is the simplest answer.

It’s not the easiest answer, but it makes sense that as we grow into loving ourselves unconditionally, our capacity to love others grows.

That’s our mission with Authentic Tantra, to cultivate a world of love and co-creation by deepening self-connection and healing from the inside out.

We have work to do!

There’s an epidemic of disconnection tearing through our society.

People don’t know how to connect with each other, how to have conscious sex, how to get out of our heads enough for sex, how to feel in control of our arousal.

I mean I can’t even get a guy to approach me in real life; it has to be through the screen protection!

And sex…I see that most of us aren’t having good sex or conscious sex, simply because we don’t know what a healthy sexual relationship looks or feels like.

So there’s a lot of ignorance.  And that’s where a certified AT Practitioner swoops in and drops knowledge so that we may KNOW the truth…and it will set us free.

The whole system is out of whack because the disconnection between men and women continues to grow.

We need to do something about that.

I’m not saying that practicing and teaching tantra will heal the world, but it could!

I know for sure it feels like a great mission to be on and the rewards are beyond what I expected.

I just wanted to learn tantra to get my partner to have sex with me and to shut my brain off at night so I could sleep, but look at me now!  No really, look, follow me on Instagram @tantrawithcourtney.

I can confidently say I’m a totally different person because of my practice and support from my spiritual family to help me through the hard times.

It’s really like medicine, once you take a little Authentic Tantra in your life, you feel better, and it becomes your go-to natural cure-all. There’s a bunch my soul the best.

That’s why I’m so grateful for an actual school of tantra that teaches a legit healing modality and has created dramatic change in myself and thousands of others.

I know I personally have helped over 100 men with sexual dysfunction and healing trauma with tantric methods that help men master ejaculation.  As a nurse, I also feel empowered to have this healing modality bring my ability to facilitate healing to a whole different level.

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  1. I’m 66, my partner is 73. We had always enjoyed giving oral sex to each other, and he enjoyed doing anal with me. Once we delved into tantric sex, we became more aware of what we were doing, and actually started making love to each others cocks with our mouths. I had never been able to stay hard to top a man before, but now I stay hard and am able to perform anal on my friend for extended periods. This makes for a much more balanced relationship.
    Our sessions have lasted up to five hours at a time, and we regularly abstain from losing our semen. Being retired, we can do this for several days in a row, until we reach time to enjoy and celebrate each others orgasms. One of the biggest changes we see when doing this, is we have massive amounts of semen, something I think is kind of unusual for men of our age. I personally enjoy swallowing the results of our work, and always make sure I have fully drained my partner, as he does with me.

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