Tantric Remedy For Premature Ejaculation!

One of the main methods that we teach at IATE for overcoming most types of male sexual dysfunction (including premature ejaculation) is the Power Wind Exercise.


Similar to “kegals” but way more effective, the Power Wind Exercise is based on the understanding of the five winds. These are the five ways that life energy moves throughout our human bodies. Some may know these as pranas.


In this exercise, we are mainly concerned with the downward-voiding wind, which both retains and excretes bodily fluids – semen, urine, ejaculate, menstrual blood, and feces.


The downward-voiding wind is also critical in the energy and strength of our orgasms. Orgasms create a tremendous release of energy which “brushes” or opens the lower region of the Uma Nadi (the central channel), which results in a “taste of enlightenment”. The more power you have in your downward-voiding wind, the more energy you have for stronger, deeper orgasms releasing a burst of conscious energy which penetrates the deep space of the Uma Nadi.


As the conscious energy passes through the wall of the Uma Nadi, one may hear a roaring sound like a tornado. This sound is the Universal Wind that moves in the Uma Nadi and is expressed as your Life Energy.


When we orgasm, we feel timeless, pain-free, non-conceptual,l and blissful. As we remain in the orgasm with calm, relaxed awareness with focus, we have a direct experience of the Wisdom Nature Awareness.


This exercise for premature ejaculation can be done in two settings:


  • General daily life and/or exercise sessions.
  • During our solo Tantra sessions.


We can do this any time of the day if we like. It’s very good for us and just a moment of it during work can energize and balance us.


You can learn the power wind exercises for mastering ejaculation in our Ejaculation Mastery for Men program at https://www.semenretentionmastery.com/

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