Tantric Union Practices for Healing

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My first introduction to Tibetan Tantric Buddhism was through the Tibetan Five Element Sexual Tantras.

The Tibetan Five Element Sexual Tantras are a method for harnessing sexual energy and using it to transform, awaken, and heal body, mind, and spirit.

I was trained in these methods with the understanding that these were the foundational requirements for practicing the highest form of sexual Tantra available to human beings.

This is called “Karma Mudra”, which most simply translates as “Union Practice”.

The purpose of traditional Tibetan Tantra- be it sexual or non sexual- is the realization of full human consciousness.

What is full human consciousness? The ability to know oneself as infinite consciousness embodied.

What is the point of knowing oneself to be infinite consciousness embodied?

To be free from all forms of suffering  on the level of body, mind, and spirit, AND to consciously experience the interconnection of all life.

What is the practical application of knowing the interconnectedness of all life?

Imagine a world where all human beings lived in balance and harmony with themselves, each other, and the environment.

Imagine no longer feeling the pain of jealousy, attachment, anger, rage, and low self esteem.

Imagine a world in which sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, circumcision, emotional and psychological trauma were not being perpetuated and reinforced on a daily basis.

Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not. This is actually what it means to be a mature human being- to live in balance and harmony within yourself, and see that balance and harmony reflected in your outer world.

The world we live in today is an immature expression of our human potential.

Many of our so called world leader behave like 3 year old’s having temper tantrums over their toys, and there is very little concern for the well being of our neighbors- even within our own countries.

The current tragic world events are all an expression of immaturity and unhealed trauma.

Tantra is the medicine to heal that.

There is a phrase which appears over and over and over again, in some of the traditional Tibetan texts and that is- “to bring myself and all human beings to maturity”.


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