Candice Anitra

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*Please Note: Candice is on a leave of absence and not currently accepting new Tantra Mastery students.

Candice Anitra (she/they) has a BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and is a Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner, Tantra Mastery Instructor, and an ACS Certified Sexologist, currently based outside of New York City in the Lower Hudson Valley. After years as a left-of-soul alien pop singer-songwriter and educator, more recent roles in counseling, sexology and tantra intersect around topics of sensation and pleasure cultivation, through somatic healing. These newer pathways have helped Candice navigate ancestral and lived trauma in a Black body, a theme that has been ever present in Candice’s work. As a Tantra Mastery Instructor, Candice is able to incorporate this sensibility while tenderly holding space for those new to the modality.

The experience of Candice’s voice and singular vibration foster healing; a warm, dynamic, creative and humorous singer, dancer, and facilitator, Candice curates live one-of-a-kind speaking engagements, performances, and one-on-one online coaching sessions with people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, body types, ages, and relationship configurations. Candice is dedicated to unlearning and dismantling anti-Blackness and systems of oppression and to working with those ready to weave the creative life force energy that is their sexuality with their spirituality and daily ways of being.

  • Pronouns: She/They
  • Ethnicity: Black, descendant of slavery
  • Accomplishments: Certified Authentic Tantra ® practitioner, Tantra Mastery Teacher & ACS Certified Sexologist
  • Currently Studying: Black American scholarship past & present


Check out Candice on Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward Erickson HERE!

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