Karen Craig

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Karen Craig, B.Msc., J.D., is co-owner of Live Heal Thrive Retreats™ and Explore the Art of Tantra™, along with her husband, Brion E. Craig, B.Msc. Through individual and group coaching and workshops, as well as through fun, powerful and transformative global retreats, they help men, women and ouples rediscover their power, authenticity and capacity for deep connection, intimacy and love. Karen is a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Certified Authentic Tantra® Educator and Practitioner, as well as a Certified Sexologist.

While in college, during which she received a B.A. degree in political science, Karen began her self-study and practice in various metaphysical modalities, including acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology and massage therapy. After college, she went on to law school and earned her Juris Doctor degree. Following graduation, she became a trial attorney and later a Judge. Her interest and study of Tantra began in the 1990’s, when she was introduced to Tantra through books authored by Margot Annand. She completed her formal Tantra training and certification from the Institute of Authentic Tantra® Education, where she is now on the teaching staff as a Tantra Mastery instructor. She holds a second bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science and is currently working toward her Ph.D. in Holistic Counseling, with a second concentration in Relationship Dynamics. Karen has also completed training in Trauma Treatment from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine and is a trained ho’oponopono practitioner. Her approach to practice is to utilize an array of modalities based on ancient wisdom and indigenous practices, combined with cutting edge approaches, to guide individuals and couples on their journey to experiencing wholeness and pleasure in all areas of life.

Karen is also the proud mother of a son and daughter, as well as three stepsons with her husband Brion.

  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Ethnicity: African American


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