The 11 Different Orgasms for Women

How Devi Went From Non-Orgasmic to Multi-Orgasmic!


Did you know that women are capable of AT LEAST 11 different kinds of orgasm?


Did you also know that 40-70% of women have difficulty achieving any kind of orgasm at all? If women are capable of such amazing sexual pleasure, why is it that so few women are experiencing their full orgasmic potential?


Listen in as I share my personal story of going from stripper -to- monk- to- Tantra Educator, and how I went from non-orgasmic to MULTI- orgasmic in just a few weeks with Tantra.


Listen in as Devi shares…


– What the 11 different orgasms for women are


– Her TOP 3 reasons why so many women are NOT experiencing their full “pleasure potential”


– Tips for transforming NO orgasm into “lots of pleasure leading up to orgasm” and how you can go from non-orgasmic or “kinda” orgasmic, to multi-orgasmic just like Devi did!


Lets get started on your journey to sexual awakening!


Watch below!


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