What Is The True Purpose of Tantra?

Tantra is becoming more and more of a buzzword these days, though what Tantra actually is remains a mystery for many people.

The confusion about what Tantra is and is not stems primarily from the fact that there are various different styles and lineages of Tantric practice.

True Tantra originated in India several thousand years ago, and modern day buddhist Tantra specifically began 2,600 years ago with the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha.

These Buddhist Tantric Teachings migrated to Tibet to become what we now refer to as Tibetan Tantra.

In Tibetan Tantra, the word tantra literally means – to weave light and sound with form, and refers to specific meditation practices which include the visualization of particular symbols and chanting of mantric sounds.

So how does this apply to sex, because none of this sounds very sexy does it?

In Tibetan Tantra the practitioner must first train in non-sexual Tantra Yoga, in order to effectively apply it to sexual practices.

The non-sexual Tantra practice helps develop what we refer to as “relaxed awareness with focus.”

The non- sexual practices also balance, heal and enrich the body, the mind, and the emotions.

When the practitioner has cultivated a certain degree of proficiency with the non-sexual Tantric practices, they are then taught how to apply this focus and intention to sexual pleasure practices, which will then catalyze even deeper and more profound healing of body, mind and spirit.

The highest and truest purpose of Tantra is to cultivate the realization of Oneness. This realization is what we refer to as “enlightenment”, which simply means freedom from suffering.

The greatest suffering we have as humans is our belief in separation- from each other, ourselves and ultimately GOD.

Tantra is medicine to heal the illusion of separation, primarily by removing that which prevents us from experiencing our inherent connection to all of life.

Watch Marthe and Devi describe how to harness your sexual energy and use it for healing and empowering body, mind and spirit!

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