The Tibetan Five Element Practices
by Lama Tashi Dundrup

The Tibetan Five Element Practices are ancient Tantric Healing Practices dating back over 17,000 years!

The Five Element Practices offer an incredibly potent form of energy medicine because the elemental codes allow us to directly access our energy body, which according to many Eastern traditions is actually senior or supreme to the physical body.

The Tibetan 5 Element Practices can be used both sexually and non-sexually to transform emotional energies in the body and dissolve toxic thought patterns, and their subsequent physiological effects.

The theory is that if we are able to activate, enrich and heal the energy body we subsequently activate, enrich and heal the physical body. Therefore this form of Tantric Healing can be a vital tool for cultivating optimum physical, mental and emotional health, wellness, and vitality.

The intention of using these Tantric Healing Practices sexually is to harness the potent energy cultivated during sexual pleasure, and move it or “run” it through all the major energy centers of the body, in order to nourish the energy body (and subsequently the physical body) with this creative life-force energy. This practice can be done as a solo sexualenrichment practice or with a partner.

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