Tips for Staying Present in Your Body During Sex

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Being present in your body is the #1 key to tantric intimacy…


Presence must be cultivated and practised in every area of life! When we become present to our sensory experience, we become present in our bodies and are momentarily freed from our habitual thought patterns and our incessant internal chatter.


When we practice conscious presence during intimacy, our experience becomes such that, instead of connecting to life, our partner, or our bodies through a veil of thought, we are able to truly perceive and connect with the life essence available to us in each and every moment.


So here are 3 tips that can be used at any stage of your Tantric intimacy practice to deepen and enhance the magick of your PRESENCE!

Tip 1: Breathe 

  • Anytime you notice you are: thinking, are holding your breath, are tensing or contracting any area of your body… PAUSE, RELAX, AND BREATHE DEEPLY into your belly & body. 


Tip 2: Open your mouth & make noise 

  • Relaxing your jaw and opening your throats relaxes the vagus nerve and pelvic floor. This allows you to be more present, aware and enables more blood flow to your genitals, allowing for more sensations and pleasure to arise. 


Tip 3: Make eye contact

  • Eye contact benefits the vagus nerve, supporting you in being present, relaxed and CONNECTED – to yourself, your body & your partner. It also helps you anchor and be present in your environment. 


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