Transform Your Life with Ejaculation Mastery!

Devi Ward Erickson discusses how YOU can transform your life through ejaculation mastery and becoming a multi-orgasmic man with Certified Sexologists and Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioners, Brion Craig, and Dr. Chris Erickson.


Get the down-low on semen retention from two highly accomplished male practitioners and get expert advice about the common myths and misconceptions about this tantra yoga practice for men.


In this episode you will learn:
  • The difference between semen retention and abstinence


  • The process of separating orgasm from ejaculation – what was this like? How long did it take?


  • Is semen retention dangerous?


  • Different orgasms for men- what do they feel like?


  • Which methods worked best for you?


  • What are the challenges?


  • How do you deal with Blueballs ???


  • How has this ability changed your LIFE?


Learn how to transform your life with ejaculation mastery in the interview below:



Get our step-by-step guide for separating orgasm from ejaculation HERE!


Learn more about Brion Craig HERE 


Learn more about Dr. Erickson HERE 


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