Let’s talk about Trauma-Informed Non-Monogamy!

Join Devi Ward Erickson and special guest Mel Cassidy, Creator of The Monogamy Detox, as they discuss how to practice non-monogamy through a trauma-informed lens.


Find out:

  • What is non-monogamy?
  • Why non-monogamy can be traumatizing
  • How non-monogamy can support healing & integration from relational trauma
  • Somatic safety, secure attachment, and sangha
  • Four Pillars of Trauma-Informed Relating
  • Unpacking Patriarchal Monogamy & the importance for ALL of us to do this work, no matter what our intimate relational style.




non-monogamyAbout Mel Cassidy

With two decades of experience teaching and facilitating in groups small and large, Mel has a reputation for innovation, novelty, and being able to guide others to think— and live— outside the box.

The grandchild of refugees, Mel has lived on three continents. She has professional experience in theater, education, special needs, management, holistic wellness, psychology, counselling, meditation, somatics, and yoga— all of which she applies within her coaching and mentoring.

Taking a trauma-informed approach, Mel helps individuals around the world discover new dimensions of their relationships to themselves, and the people in their lives. A respected teacher and presenter, she created the Monogamy Detox course for individuals who want to navigate alternative approaches to intimate relationships, and is currently writing her first book.

Mel is queer, loves cats, and experiences her relationships as a solo polyamorous individual. She lives on the traditional and unceded Coast Salish territories of K’ómoks in British Columbia, Canada.


Website: RadicalRelationshipCoaching.ca

Get the Monogamy Detox HERE! 

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The Monogamy Detox is a six-week online course that introduces you to new models of relating and tools for communication about your relationships.

This isn’t a “polyamory 101” course. It’s more like a Relationships 202 course. And, it isn’t only for people in honest-non-monogamous relationships; lots of people who are monogamous have benefited from the course too!

What You Can Get from this Course:

  • Recognition of the unhelpful stories (mythology and fantasies) about relationships that have been holding you back
  • Tools for embracing independence while being in kind, loving relationships
  • Tricks for how to balance deep emotional relationships alongside social and sexual ones
  • Identifying your needs in the four dimensions of intimacy and relationships
  • The experience of being whole and healthy as an individual, as well as in your relationships

The best thing is, because detoxing from the monogamous mythologies doesn’t happen overnight, you get life-time access to the course, meaning you can re-take any portion of it every time it is offered.

Get the Monogamy Detox HERE! 

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