What does it mean to be lineage-based?

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The term lineage-based has recently been adopted in the field of Neo-Tantra in reference to some instructors and we wanted to explain what this terminology means in the context of Traditional Tantric Practices.

Lineage-based, in the tradition of Tantric Buddhism, means that a particular teaching, or set of teachings, originated in the mind of an enlightened being (a Buddha), and was transmitted from that teacher to their students in an unbroken oral tradition, dating back thousands of years.

“Unbroken” means that the teachings have always been and continue to be held by an enlightened master.

The Tibetan Five Element Teachings specifically are 17,000 years old, originating with the Buddha Tonpa Shenrab and merged with “modern” Tantric Buddhism in the 10th century CE.

The Tibetan 5 Element Teachings were transmitted to our teacher, by HIS Teacher, Lineage Master Kalu Rinpoche in the 1970’s.

In order for a teaching to truly be lineage-based, it must have originated with a human who has been recognized as having achieved full enlightenment.

To date, there are no instructors in the field of Neo-Tantra who have achieved this recognition by any school of traditional Tantric Practice.

If you encounter a Tantra Teacher who claims lineage, please ask them- WHO IS YOUR TEACHER AND WHAT IS THEIR LINEAGE?

And then GOOGLE their reply. Find out who their teacher is and where their lineage (if any) comes from.

*** If they have no teacher and no lineage they are not offering an authentic expression of Tantra ***

The Authentic Tantra® modality is referred to as “lineage-based” because, with the permission and blessings of our Lama, we have woven the ancient, verifiably lineage-based Tibetan 5 Element Tantric Practices with an understanding of modern somatic science and approved methods from compatible disciplines to create a robust and highly effective healing modality.

Our TEACHER is Lama Tashi Dundrup from Kauaidharma.org

Our LINEAGE is Shangpa Kagyu.



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